Individual and Family Insurance Products

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Why supplemental health insurance from ManhattanLife?

ManhattanLife’s supplemental insurance policies help provide additional coverage for out-of-pocket expenses. They can assist with non-medical costs such as missed mortgage payments or lost wages. These policies offer direct payment of benefits, ensuring a safety net for you. You can rely on their local and responsive support for accurate and prompt assistance, without relying on offshore call centers.


Personal Accident Indemnity Delivery (PAID) coverage offers benefits for numerous unexpected accidents that may occur.


Cancer insurance offers a crucial safety cushion in combating the financial repercussions that go beyond conventional health coverage.


The plan includes dental, vision, and hearing coverage, allowing you to choose your preferred doctor or dentist for guaranteed renewal and coverage.


Opting for high deductible healthcare plans can potentially leave you vulnerable to hefty expenses. However, hospitalization coverage provides direct benefits to individuals.


Whether you are in search of coverage for your family or for yourself individually, whole life and term life insurance offer a comprehensive range that can meet your specific objectives and needs.


ManhattanLife’s mortgage protection insurance allows you to safeguard your family’s welfare and fully cover your mortgage.


With the increasing expenses of healthcare, numerous employees and individuals are choosing to enroll in a high-deductible insurance scheme that offers lower monthly premiums but entails higher out-of-pocket costs in case medical attention is required. Considering the escalating healthcare costs, it may be financially sensible to obtain supplemental health insurance from ManhattanLife if you possess high-deductible plans.


If you miss mortgage payments, lose wages, or have non-medical expenses due to staying in the hospital, ManhattanLife’s supplemental plan can also cover these expenses. This insurance provides extra peace of mind, ensuring that you are covered for more than just medical expenses and unexpected events like life or flood insurance.