Inside the world of Joseph Baena amid dad Arnold Schwarzenegger’s tell-all Netflix documentary

In 1997, their son Joseph Baena, who is currently 25, was born to their housekeeper, Mildred Baena, with whom the actor, who is currently 75, notably had an extramarital relationship.

Joseph has impressed the world with his strong resemblance to his father, while juggling a solid career as a real estate agent and pursuing a film career in the footsteps of an iconic action figure, even sharing an interest in bodybuilding.

In his latest documentary on Netflix, Arnie openly discusses the devastating consequences his unfaithfulness had on his family. While the actor’s four other children with Shriver have strained relationships with him, Joseph has developed a strong connection with his father, who is famous for his role in Terminator. Nevertheless,

Although he sent well-wishes, Chris Pratt famously didn’t invite Katherine Schwarzenegger, the eldest of the clan, to her wedding in 2019 to Joseph.

Last month, it was alleged that the children “didn’t adore” their brother after they individually attended their father’s disastrous premiere of FUBAR.

As Joseph’s popularity continues to grow, DailyMail.Com delves into the life of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s doppelgänger son…

In 2011, the identity of Joseph Baena is exposed following a 1996 affair.

Baena is the longtime housekeeper of Mildred and the son of Schwarzenegger, who kept his secret identity for the first eight years of his life.

The incident occurred in 1997, while Schwarzenegger was still married to his former spouse Maria Shriver.

It became apparent that there was a secret link between the two until Mildred, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mistress, left their home after realizing she was pregnant.

Baena was born on October 2, 1997, just a few days after Shriver gave birth to their fourth child, Christopher.

Schwarzenegger allegedly discovered his son’s existence when Baena was eight years old, leading his former spouse to become suspicious.

‘During a marriage counseling session in 2011, the counselor stated that Maria wants something very specific today, and she wants you to know that if you’re Joseph’s father, she reveals.’

It was clear that she was devastated. “Yes, Maria. Joseph is my son,” I honestly revealed, and my heart stopped as I expressed my thoughts about the former governor of California.

As he grew older, it became more clear to me that he didn’t really start at the beginning. Mildred, who continued to work for the Schwarzenegger family, assumed the role of both Rogelio’s husband and the child’s father, as the star later explained.

‘It was then just a matter of, “How do you keep this quiet?”‘ Arnold stated in a snippet from the documentary.Output: ‘At that moment, it was merely a question of, “How do you ensure secrecy?”‘ Arnold expressed in a segment from the documentary.

In an interview with Yahoo News, he recalled, “I have a very clear memory of that day. I was in the eighth grade. It wasn’t until Joseph reached his teenage years that he discovered the truth.”

We have to leave now – like, she’s already gone, and my mom is out looking for everyone, including you.

Joseph grew up in a humble Guatemalan household in Bakersfield, California, where Men’s Health told us we didn’t have much.

In January 2022, the podcast Unwaxed unveiled Joseph’s life during an appearance, but it didn’t connect the two until later. I can’t help but feel a strong bond with him, and it’s as if we can joke around and get really close. He said, ‘It took a little while for me to feel this way.’

Schwarzenegger revealed his relationship with Mildred in the Netflix docuseries, Arnold, which debuted in June 2023.

Arnold confessed that it was his ‘greatest defeat’ and declared, ‘I have inflicted sufficient anguish upon my family, due to my mistake. All had to endure. Maria had to endure, the children had to endure, Joseph, his mother, everyone.’ Concerning the extramarital relationship.

In 2010, Schwarzenegger bought a house with a swimming pool in California for both her and Joseph. After the scandal, Mildred departed from her spouse. The famous actor from True Lies disclosed, ‘I will have to carry that burden for the remainder of my existence.’

In 2011, the maid retired, leading to their split, the exact same year that Maria terminated her connection with Arnold. In July 2011, she initiated divorce proceedings, which weren’t officially concluded until 2021, a decade later.

The former professional bodybuilder expressed, “I am immensely content amidst this sorrowful tale that Maria and I managed to successfully nurture the children. I have experienced setbacks in my profession, but this was an entirely different level of defeat. Individuals will recall both my triumphs and my disappointments.”

Following their divorce, both Arnold and Maria have maintained a constructive bond, participating together in their children’s graduation ceremonies and celebrating birthdays as a unified force.

I witnessed Joseph evolving into an extraordinary individual. His biological father, Arnold, who is both an actor and bodybuilder, expressed his immense pride in his son Joseph, who is also an actor and bodybuilder.

He has turned out to be an extraordinary young man, added the star sweetly. I love him and he is very welcome because I think he is not welcome in this world. I don’t want Joseph to think what I did was wrong, but it was.


Joseph is quite familiar with showing off his well-defined abdominal muscles, and frequently posts pictures of himself exercising at the gym.

He is often cited as bearing the most similarity to Schwarzenegger as a child – his striking resemblance to his former father, Mr. Olympia, is noted.

At the fitness center, they frequently spend quality time with each other and perspire. Arnold has covered the cost of his son’s schooling and other financial needs, and their bond has remained robust.

A relative who is well-informed about the situation mentioned that ‘Arnold deeply loves all of his offspring. He shares a remarkable bond with each and every one of them.’

‘Arnold is very near to Joe. I’ve attended multiple occasions where he’s brought him along,’ included the initial source from Page Six.

They said that his estrangement from his half-siblings is something that should not have happened — I guess it’s understandable, but it’s not fair.

However, another source stated: ‘The children of Schwarzenegger have consistently handled the situation with respect and elegance.’

In March 2021, Baena initiated his Brazilian jiu-jitsu training at Northridge Checkmat, and his father was featured on the cover of the March 2022 Men’s Health issue, discussing his bond, fitness, and the star issue.

Arnold has closely mentored his son during his journey in bodybuilding, helping him co-author the book “The Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding”.

Baena appeared as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars in 2022, a choice he claimed was made to “overcome the obstacles within his family.” This was due to his physique and workout regimen, which resulted in a frame that was less than ideal for ballroom dancing.

“I didn’t join swim until my sophomore year, yeah um, and my crew…I was saying, I was like the chubby kid in school, previously he said how he was bullied over his weight.”


After seemingly leaving the lavish wedding of Chris Pratt, Joseph shared a sweet message of congratulations to his half-sister Katherine on social media.

The bride married Pratt in a lavish star-studded ceremony in Montecito, California and shared a photo from the big day on Instagram.

“The couple, united by their family, felt ‘blessed’ in the presence of God, as depicted in the caption.”

Joseph did not participate in the ceremony, but left a thoughtful message beneath the picture.

‘Congratulations!’ He remarked, using his username, ‘Projoe2’, including two love hearts and a bottle of champagne emoji.

While Katherine didn’t respond back to the message, fans were quick to weigh in with their thoughts on the difficult family dynamic.

It is heart-wrenching. Arnold is the only one I think I invited, but he wasn’t there. Another user chimed in, “I hope they invited you.”

Joseph and Patrick, who had been working together, also said that Christopher and Patrick seemed to be somewhat closer than his sisters. They also noted that there was no real relationship between Joseph and ‘Shriver’s children with Schwarzenegger, as told by a source who had worked with the family at Six Page.

Since that time, there seems to have been minimal advancement on the public forefront within the span of four years. However, a reliable source from the family asserted that ‘They are endeavoring to navigate a personal connection prior to making it public.’

“Why should she engage in a connection with this child?” Expressed a reliable informant who was acquainted with Katherine during that period. Joseph is the outcome of a secret extramarital relationship that Arnold concealed for a considerable period! This was an immensely detrimental and disgraceful circumstance that dismantled her family. I can’t express disapproval towards her for not desiring to accept this vivid reminder of that.

Joseph’s lineage and his father’s indiscretion remained a mystery to them until Joseph was introduced as the son of their housekeeper, yet he was not a recent addition to their existence.

‘During that period, the insider revealed to the publication that he grew up around them. Between 1986 and 2003, the family resided in Pacific Palisades, where the mansion was frequently visited.’

Although Joseph used to follow all of his half-siblings on social networking sites, none of them reciprocate the gesture by following him.

To show their support, Mildred and Arnold both attended Joseph’s wedding on April 2019, even though he had just graduated from Pepperdine University in Malibu. While at the gym, he took the opportunity to document himself and post it on social media.

He was subsequently seen with his girlfriend Nicky Dodaj, who is a model, on a night out in Los Angeles.

This isn’t the initial occasion Katherine has faced criticism for excluding her half-brother from being acknowledged as part of the family.

Back in April on National Siblings Day, she shared two sweet childhood snaps alongside her sister Christina and brothers Patrick and Christopher.

Many of her followers were questioning why Katherine hadn’t included Joseph, who was born merely five days after Christopher in September 1997.

He was born here, but they never acknowledge his youngest brother. Yet, they preach about love, forgiveness, acceptance, and happiness, but they are all hypocrites!

However, they consistently appreciate the majority of Arnold’s photographs, with the exception of those featuring Joe. Furthermore, it is worth noting that Joseph consistently approves of all their photographs and chooses to follow them. User rosa_hdz_fashionista further stated:

At that moment, Katherine responded to the commenter, reminding her to use more compassionate language.

Just wanted to remind you, in the presence of God and in the lives of all, that spreading hurtful judgments and words can come across as hurtful, even if it’s seen in your fashionista_hdz_rosa@ profile.

He does not judge us or you. He is posting comments like this to cause whatever healing you need because he believes in your love, but it’s okay because he said what you needed to hear. I am sending you love and praying for you. God bless you!

‘He is [Joseph’s] fantastic and he completely comprehends the situation,’ expressing to Howard Stern in 2015, Arnold has persisted in being transparent about the awkward circumstance.

‘But we have now figured it out, right? It has happened and it was very tough for everybody. The situation was very tough for my family, and it was a very tough situation for him as well. It’s all worked out, so.’

In May 2023, the children of Schwarzenegger and Shriver do not have affection for their half-brother Joseph.

Chris Pratt, a 43-year-old individual, accompanied Katherine’s spouse on the crimson carpet alongside Katherine, who is 33 years old, and Christina, who is 31 years old. Additionally, the action icon’s offspring joined him during the Los Angeles premiere of Schwarzenegger’s latest action-comedy series, FUBAR, resulting in an even more uncomfortable glimpse into the dynamics of their family.

Despite not meeting his half-siblings, Joseph attended the premiere alone and walked the red carpet to show his support for his father. Nonetheless.

Despite the reported strong and supportive bond between him and his father, a source familiar with Schwarzenegger stated to Page Six on Friday that his offspring with Shriver do not have affection for their half-brother Joseph, using unexpectedly harsh language.

DailyMail.Com contacted Baena and representatives for Schwarzenegger and his other offspring.

This week, the FUBAR debut did not have the presence of Schwarzenegger’s actor and model son Patrick and his younger son Christopher, whom he shares with Shriver. Schwarzenegger also has joint custody of his son Patrick and his younger son Christopher with Shriver.

The source depicted Arnold and Joseph as being ‘extremely intimate.’

‘They persisted, “However, to be frank, the remaining children don’t adore Joe.” They vent their frustrations on Joe for unknown reasons, but for unknown reasons, the remaining children don’t have affection for Joe. Arnold has consistently treated him like his other children — with great impartiality. He’s an exceptionally well-behaved child, and it’s regrettable.’

Despite the evident strain at the debut, Joseph didn’t reveal anything in his exuberant Instagram post following the occasion.

He posted a picture of himself smiling from ear to ear and giving two thumbs up for the camera.

‘I give FUBAR a 2 thumbs up!!!’ He wrote. ‘Had an amazing time last night at the FUBAR premier!’.Output: ‘I give FUBAR a two thumbs up!!!’ He wrote. ‘Had an incredible time last evening at the FUBAR premiere!’.

He was particularly pleased to witness his father and fellow actor Gabriel Luna ‘bring this incredible show to fruition,’ prior to expressing his admiration for the first episode that was shown at the premiere, which struck a perfect blend of action and humor, he continued.

‘Just keep in mind… “Heroes don’t retire. They reload,”‘ he concluded.

While Joseph did not even mention his half-siblings, numerous prominent comments on the post criticized their actions, demonstrating his ability to stay detached from the conflict.

‘Joe is Arnold’s genuine inheritance and his wealthy idle children are evidently upset. Keep persevering, Joe,’ wrote one supporter.

Another person expressed their dismay at the way he was mistreated by his own family.

“Utilize this nonsense to motivate yourself,” they pondered, before encouraging him, “Is it racial animosity? Entirely disregarded because of something beyond your influence.”

One user mentioned that they recently began following Joseph to “show their support” after his “arrogant brothers and sisters” chose not to.

They penned, ‘From my perspective, you are a commendable offspring.’ ‘You endorse your paternal figure and admire him, you possess a profession, you have achieved success independently without adopting your father’s surname, you vigorously train, you serve as an outstanding role model for numerous individuals.’

Joseph chose to leave comments about his absent siblings, which are controversial and should be deleted, to the public for common understanding.

Following the conclusion of the premiere, Katherine, Chris, and Christina departed, while witnesses allegedly observed Joseph remaining at the after-party located at the upscale open-air shopping center, The Grove.


Joseph is scheduled to appear in an action movie alongside Luke Hemsworth and Morgan Freeman.

Deadline reported in April that bodybuilder Gunner had been cast in the film, which will be directed by Dimitri Logotheti and written.

He will depict a role named Wally who is a youthful Deputy Sheriff.

According to the industry news publication, a group of individuals involved in illegal drug trafficking abducts Lee Gunner (Hemsworth), a former member of the Special Forces, and his two sons while they are on a camping excursion and accidentally discover a facility where fentanyl is being produced.

However, Gunner will not stop at anything to safely bring back his boys, using his special training to bring his family together as a local police and also the FBI, but not only against a criminal cartel he faces off.

While currently working as a real estate agent, Joseph has been putting in the footwork to become a famous actor like his father.

Joseph had secured his inaugural significant part in the upcoming science fiction movie Chariot, directed by John Malkovich, last year.

He also appeared in Bully High and a single episode of Scam Squad.

He is certainly starting off his acting career well, as Gunner has five upcoming films, including another action flick titled Duty To Called, in post-production.