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Is that right? The so-called “Dual Edge Masters System Funnel” is the preferred method used by Thomas Justin, the founder of Masters Advertising Insurance. Instead of relying on cold calling, knocking on doors, or purchasing leads from unreliable vendors, Justin recommends that you focus on reaching out to potential insurance prospects. While it may be tempting to ask your friends and family for their business, Justin advises against it, as it is unlikely to yield significant results. However, he believes that insurance agents have the potential to earn $1.2 million or more per year.

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“That is why I developed a new sales funnel system that cuts down the time it takes to get a sale and attracts prospects 24/7. Without relying on things like talking to family and friends, referrals, emailing, cold calling, or buying leads, I wanted to achieve this and Justin explains why. Ultimately, I wanted their business to scale so they can finally get off the hamster wheel and seek help from free insurance agencies and agents.”

Apparently, more than 350 insurance agents have put agents and agencies to the test. Instead of chasing after people, they are practically lining up to work with you. The situation is completely reversed. The outcome is not just an increase in leads, but also better quality leads. It generates synergy by combining two distinct marketing funnels. In the past, you have never encountered or been presented with a marketing funnel like the one created by Russell Brunson. This approach allows agents and agencies to expand and transform into legitimate business owners.

Michael, who didn’t even have a personal Facebook account, was able to implement the Dual Funnel System without any issues whatsoever. He had 134 appointments turned into commissions of Gs $58 later that month. And you don’t have to be well-versed in copywriting, online marketing, or tech-savvy to make it work. As long as you have a valid insurance license, JT claims that you won’t have any problems selling at least 10 policies.

“Upon joining, he harbored concerns about not possessing sufficient time to accomplish the task. He devoted all of his time to being present with his representatives and overseeing the operations of his agency. Additionally, Blaise lacked any prior experience in constructing sales funnels or managing advertisements. Nevertheless, Blaise managed to accumulate $20,000 within the initial 10 days. “Fifty-eight thousand? That amount equates to the yearly income of numerous individuals. Astonishingly, he achieved this feat in under a month,” remarks Josh Lustig, who presently serves as a co-owner of Insurance Advertising Masters.”

Josh continues, “He initially thought that it was a lot easier and a lot quicker than he had originally thought. However, he found out that by becoming real business owners, businesses can scale and expand anywhere in the world. People have stopped chasing and started scaling their businesses, and agents using our Dual Funnel System have seen an increase in their appointments. So, instead of desperately chasing prospects around, you can actually get insurance prospects to come to you. If you want to know more about this system and how you can get insurance prospects, check out our programs.”

Click below for an alternative, possibly more enjoyable way to learn. Call a book to learn more; inside, you will discover the best possible leads for screening and building your own infrastructure. If you want to take it to the next level, they sell a program called Mastery Advertising. Inside, you will learn about omnipresence and retargeting. Once you get that up and running, it will help you control and manage the flow of leads. For beginners, there is a course called Track Fast Gen Lead that will guide you. Masters Advertising Insurance offers two options to choose from.

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