Inter Miami vs. Barcelona result: Barcelona dismantles David Beckham’s MLS club in pre-season rout

At DRV PNK Stadium in Ft. Lauderdale, Barcelona humiliated the MLS team 6-0 in a pre-season exhibition match, leaving the home side with no positive recollections. The Catalan club dominated the game from start to finish, maintaining their high level of performance while Inter Miami continuously applied immense pressure. The home team had very few opportunities in the attacking third, with minimal progress being made.

In the opening period, the remaining three recent acquisitions excelled for Barcelona, whereas Robert Lewandowski was not fully prepared to participate. Leading the charge, Raphinha scored a goal and provided two assists, while Franck Kessie controlled the game and Andreas Christensen tightly marked former Real Madrid striker Gonzalo Higuain.

In the second half, Barcelona’s substitutes, a ragged and capped lineup of Miami Inter’s second-string, ran off three goals to display their own goal.

In a mostly thorough loss, Inter Miami made substitutions by bringing David Beckham’s son Romeo and Neville’s son Harvey onto the field for brief appearances, but it provided only a brief relief.

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In the ultimate game, Inter Miami and Barcelona tied 0-0 in the initial period and 3-3 in the latter period, leading to an ultimate score of 6-6.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scored for Barcelona in the 19th minute, followed by Raphinha in the 26th minute, Ansu Fati in the 42nd minute, Gavi in the 55th minute, Memphis Depay in the 69th minute, and Ousmane Dembele in the 70th minute.

New boys Raphinha, Kessie star in Barcelona debut

Raphinha made his first appearance in Barcelona, showcasing the flair and glamour of a player that almost perfectly fit into the starting lineup after a cheeky goal, setting up two of his teammates’ moments.

It was a sign of what may come in his first season at the Catalan club, hoping to push his back-bounce towards Barcelona.

RAPHINHA YOU CHEEKY BOY. that was lovely. you can tell the Camp Nou is gonna love this guy: he’s always trying things, always moving, always working.

Kessie Franck’s new signing for Barcelona was equally impressive, as he pulled the strings in every single attacking move in the first half. Similarly, Kessie Franck’s signing was equally impressive, as he troubled the Miami Inter’s defense with his corner kicks. Overall, the former AC Milan midfielder was impressive on the pitch.

It seemed like every touch from the Ivorian, Kessie, turned to gold, as he led the incredibly dangerous attack of team Barcelona in the early season’s last leave. Alongside Aubameyang Pierre-Emerick, Ansu Fati, Dembele Ousmane, and Raphinha, the likes of the leading progression were struggling far in the mirror rear-view.

🔥🧐El MAPA de CALOR de KESSIE en la PRIMERA MITAD: ⚫️@InterMiamiCF 0-3 @FCBarcelona🔵🔴

Inter Miami vs. Barcelona live commentary, highlights from friendly

FULL-TIME: Inter Miami 0-6 Barcelona

What a promising start for the La Liga giants. Miami Inter hardly garnered a touch of the ball in the attacking half and had no chance. Barcelona, the Spanish side, begins its preseason tour in the USA with total domination in a glittering style. There is no stoppage time as the referee blows the full-time whistle, and Barcelona plays keep-away for the final few minutes.

images that preceded hilarious events

The opportunity evaporates and the pass to the penalty box was inaccurate, but Barcelona came close to scoring another impressive goal in the 85th minute. A delightful lob over the defensive line fell perfectly into Gavi’s trajectory near the goal line.

Romeo Beckham, the child of David Beckham, will enter the game for the last few minutes of the match.

Romeo Beckham getting dream-come-true minutes late in this one for Inter Miami against Barcelona

Neville Phil has shown his best efforts in trying to build something positive for Miami Inter, but it has been futile so far. In the 78th minute of this match, he attempted to organize his team’s hydration break, but it has not been successful.

Gavi, a young midfielder, is fouled at the top of the penalty area, just outside the edge of the box, earning a free-kick inches away from the referee’s points. He blasts the ball into the wall and himself, looking like a promising young player. This happens in the 75th minute of the match.

Barcelona won’t have an easy time preparing to season their players. There are still 20 minutes left and this is getting ugly. Miami Inter is making the entire backline of Barcelona look silly, cutting inside at the top of the box and charging down the right before Ousmane Dembele puts the ball on goal. Don’t blink, you might miss it! GOAL for Barcelona in the 70th minute.


At this stage, there is no competition. Home effortlessly went past a defenseless goalkeeper, Depay humiliated his opponent with a basic pivot, leaving Lowe far behind and smoothly scoring. Covered by Inter Miami defender Damion Lowe, facing away from the goal, and oh my, Memphis! Goal, Barcelona! In the 69th minute.

Here’s the fifth from @Memphis 😯

Clement Diop, the newly signed goalkeeper for Miami Inter, managed to smother the ball before Jong de Frenkie from Barcelona could take a shot. However, in the 66th minute, de Frenkie managed to score a goal.

Oh no. A perfect representation of Inter Miami’s difficult evening. Ezzalzouli narrowly misses curling the ball into the top-right corner, but almost provides Barcelona with an opportunity due to a truly devastating pass from half-time substitute Ryan Sailor in the 61st minute.

In the 58th minute, Memphis Depay has a glorious opportunity to put his stamp on the game as he gets the ball stuck at his feet before firing a shot straight down the throat of Barcelona’s goalkeeper, Z. Row. However, he misses it badly and Barcelona’s chance to go up against Inter Miami once again is wasted.

¡No, Memphiiiiiiiiiis! 🤦 El neerlandés se acaba de perder el quinto del Barcelona en un mano a mano claro. ❌@InterMiamiCF 0-4 @FCBarcelona_es#Barcelona | #InterMiamiCF | #Amistoso 🔴 EN VIVO 📺 TUDN 📱👉

Despite the presence of the replacements, Barcelona effortlessly demonstrates their mastery. Precise goal, precise pass. Gavi fiercely strikes the ball into the net, receiving a powerful delivery in a crowded area. Barcelona’s fourth goal, scored from a corner, is a remarkable achievement. GOAL, BARCELONA! It happens in the 55th minute.

Gavi gets number four!

At present, he displayed excessive selflessness but had a favorable chance to score a goal. Instead of taking a shot, he made a pass to practically no one, but it resulted in a counter-attack for Ezzalzouli. Abdessamad Ezzalzouli, who substituted for Barcelona in the second half, encountered a puzzling situation at the 49th minute.

In the 46th minute, the second half has started, with several alterations for both teams, as anticipated.

Aubameyang, Kessie, Fati, and Raphinha are being substituted by Ousmane Dembele, Ronald Araujo, Frenkie de Jong, and Memphis Depay on the field for Barcelona.

However, it is Neville Harry who is currently hosting the sign No. Of Romeo Beckham’s David kid. As for the rest, Pozuelo and Yedlin Gibbs are among the few who are off, while Higuain comes off very quietly in the first half against his old rivals, Miami Inter.

HALF-TIME: Inter Miami 0-3 Barcelona

Miami Inter hardly had a dangerous kick in the entire match, but the first 45 minutes through the moments “wow”, Kessie, Franck, and Fati, Ansu Aubameyang Pierre-Emerick, all have a sizzling attack. The debut of Raphinha in Barcelona is a star, with two assists and a goal, reflecting the scoreline and total domination. It’s like breakfast for Miami Inter, as they are eating up the preseason form of Barcelona. This game is an honest contest, and we’re not even being honest about it.

The manner in which Barcelona moves up and down as a team is so impressive. Numbers into the attack and 18-yard box to serve as passing options. Numbers swarming around the ball to win back possession. Good stuff for their first 45 mins of preseason.#InterMiamiCF #ForcaBarca

Bravo, Barcelona! It’s a thrashing. Barcelona increase their lead with a third goal by Ansu Fati, who concludes a marvelous combination play with a dazzling shot, in the 42nd minute. Raphinha once again showcases his creativity, delicately delivering a fantastic pass to Fati, and he skillfully places it into the top corner despite being tightly marked by a defender. What an exceptional goal!

Ansu with the blaster 💥

Andreas Christensen thwarted Gonzalo Higuain on every occasion he made contact with the ball. The recently acquired Barcelona defender has been consistently shutting down the former Real Madrid player, leaving him with limited space to maneuver.

So far, with only 34 percent control of the ball, the MLS team has faced a challenging situation. In the 35th minute, Inter Miami gets a break to hydrate and rest.

Unquestionably, the distribution for Higuain is subpar, threaded through excessively forceful, rolling to Ter Stegen as DeAndre Yedlin sprints the entire length of the field but his infrequent Inter Miami counter-attack concludes uneventfully at the 32nd minute.

In order to find a way inside the post, there should be no angle to shoot from. However, Marsman still manages to squeak the ball across to Raphinha’s feet from a tight angle. Alex Balde flicks a little cross from the left edge of the penalty area, allowing Marsman to fire from a tight angle. Poor goalkeeping from Nick Marsman allows the visitors to double their lead. Miami Inter again shows poor defense as Barcelona attacks down the left flank. This time, Barcelona scores a goal in the 26th minute.

Welcome to Barcelona, Raphinha! His inaugural goal for the team.

Raphinha playing volleyball 🏐

An incredible chipped pass fools Marsman, and the forward quickly adjusts to confront him. Aubameyang cleverly connects with Raphinha using a Pedri backheel, causing chaos in the Inter Miami defense. Aubameyang beautifully scores the first goal with a perfectly executed chip, 19th minute: GOAL, BARCELONA!

💥 GOOOOOOOOOAL, @Auba! 0-1! A thing of beauty! 😍

Aubameyang gets a good look at the goal as the ball goes wide. The attack is also vertical, and Franck Kessie gets another chance in the Barcelona box in the 16th minute.

In the 11th minute, Inter Miami makes a progress, but Gonzalo Higuain is completely alone and loses to Andreas Christensen.

In the beginning, Inter Miami is in a precarious situation. Skillfully executed, with his back facing the goal and diving parallel to the ground, it’s a remarkable feat that he was able to even come near scoring with that opportunity. Sergio Busquets at the nearby goalpost lightly redirects a header just narrowly, a brief corner leads to a swift cross. The opposing team has emerged with great intensity and once again nearly scores, an opportunity for Barcelona in the 6th minute.

In the 3rd minute, Aubameyang stamped an attack on Barcelona with a glorious backheel, firing a very dangerous shot from a spot that was right in front of the Miami Inter keeper. Kessie Franck took the shot, which ended up in a score for Barcelona.

Barcelona is currently looking to ramp up and give hope to its fans by making a statement and showing its intentions for the start of the MLS season. Meanwhile, Miami Inter is also on the way under from Miami.

Oh say can you see 🇺🇸

Will they play together someday? Adria asks as their past battles and friendly disposition towards each other clearly show, Higuain and Busquets Sergio, former rivals, as kickoff nears. 10 minutes to kick.

🎥 Busquets y Higuaín se retiran juntos al túnel de vestuarios del Drive Pink Stadium en la previa del Inter de Miami – Barça. Reencuentro y buen rollo entre el ex del Madrid y el capitán del Barça. Igual juegan juntos algun día…🤔

Before the game at the stadium, Robert Lewandowski took to the field with his teammates for warmups, eventually finding a spot in the stands to do some cardio. He is currently in Miami, but he recently made a move to the official club, yet he has not kicked the ball for 33 minutes.

Lewandowski getting some work in before Barca vs. Inter Miami 🌴

58 minutes to start: The lineups have been announced, and both teams have fielded competitive squads.

Ansu Fati begins alongside young winger Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in a supportive role up front. Raphinha joins as a new winger, just like the newly acquired Franck Kessie, who starts in the midfield. In front of the usual goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen, Andreas Christensen makes his first appearance for Barcelona at center-back.

Neville Phil and Beckham David, the owners of Miami Inter, have both made the bench. In the XI, Yedlin DeAndre, the U.S. International, also appears while Higuain Gonzalo, the old foe of Barcelona, starts up front for Miami Inter.

With only 63 minutes remaining until kickoff, the present temperature in Miami stands at 86 degrees, accompanied by a humidity level of 64%. Expect a sweltering and muggy atmosphere throughout this occasion.

Getting heated up early 😎🔥

This evening, at the game, Chad Johnson (previously known as Chad Ochocinco), a well-known figure in the American sports world, will be present! He’s eager to have an opportunity to interact with celebrities.

Got two tickets for the Inter Miami-Barcelona game tonight, hoping to meet Fati, Depay, Dembele & Lewandowski, gonna show up a little early & enjoy the atmosphere ⚽️

It is the United States that is facing a delayed issue with issuing a visa for him to travel. Viewers watching tonight’s match may notice that Xavi, the head coach of Barcelona, is not on the sidelines for the Miami match.

During Xavi’s time with Saad Al club, both as a manager and player, he will join the Miami club after the morning match and take a flight on Wednesday morning. According to the Spanish Sport publication, his travel to the United States has been resolved and he required extra paperwork approval to travel to Iran because of this. He was required to approve his travel to Iran due to this extra paperwork, prior to rejoining Barcelona.

For the first time in club history, fans have the opportunity to experience selling out the stadium. Fans and players of Miami Inter, one of the world’s most renowned clubs, will undoubtedly relish the chance. The outcome of the match, regardless of the result, will be determined by a 120-minute kick.

Get ready for an unforgettable night💗 7:30PM ET | #InterMiamiCF vs @fcbarcelona | #DRVPNKStadium

Inter Miami vs. Barcelona lineups

Leonardo Campano, who is usually a starter, is being given a rest for this game and is not included in the team. Consequently, Gonzalo Higuain, a former champion in La Liga, will take the lead upfront for Inter Miami against a well-known adversary. Despite often being introduced as a substitute during the MLS season, Higuain now has the chance to face off against a familiar opponent.

So far in the MLS season, Alejandro Pozuelo, the playmaker, has scored four goals and provided four assists. Even though DeAndre Yedlin, the U.S. International, starts and has played the most minutes for the club this season, it could have been an opportunity for him to take a break. Other regular players from Inter Miami are participating in the game, but Brek Shea and Robbie Robinson are expected to be absent.

Neville Harvey, who is the son of Phil Neville, the manager of Miami Inter at Beckham’s, is also a teammate who gets called on the bench. Next, he will be playing for the Miami Inter club in the MLS, as well as being the 19-year-old son of David Beckham, the owner.

The initial lineup for Inter Miami (4-3-3) comprises Marsman as the goalie, Gibbs, Mabika, Lowe, and Yedlin as defenders, Pozuelo, Gregore, and Ulloa as midfielders, and Duke, Higuain, and Vassilev as attackers.

The substitutes for Inter Miami are McVey, Mota, Taylor, Quinteros, Neville, Rodriguez, Dos Santos, Allen, Jones, Beckham, Mendez, Sailor, Borgelin, Diop.

The offensive line, featuring Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Ansu Fati, is a formidable one for this game in the Barcelona team. The team acquisitions, Raphinha, Franck Kessie, and Andreas Christensen, all begin, which is a bonus for the supporters eager to observe the team.

Although he starts on the bench, Barcelona could see the return of winger Ousmane Dembele to the group last week after signing a new contract. Sergino Dest, the American full-back, starts the match in his home country.

Absent from this game, the club’s head coach Xavi will not be present on the sidelines due to a visa problem. After the game, he will join the team and be available for the rest of the U.S. Journey.

Barcelona’s initial formation (4-3-3) features Ter Stegen as the goalkeeper, with Dest, Christensen, Garcia, and Balde forming the defensive line. In the midfield, Kessie, Nico Gonzalez, and Pedri take charge, while Raphinha, Aubameyang, and Fati occupy the attacking positions.

Barcelona substitutes: Pena (Goalkeeper), Tenas (Goalkeeper), Roberto, Alba, Araujo, Busquets, Casado, De Jong, Gavi, P. Torre, Dembele, Abde, Depay.

Inter Miami vs. Barcelona TV channel, live stream

The BST time is 01:00, which is equivalent to 20:00 ET, 20:00 ET, and 10:00 AEST on Wednesday, July 20th. In Canada, Australia, the USA, and the UK, you can watch the game on the TV channel TUDN. Alternatively, you can stream it on Barca TV+ through fuboTV or Barca TV+ itself.

The friendly club’s subscription service, Barca TV+, offers access to all territories in Barcelona, allowing global viewers to watch from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida at the PNK DRV Stadium.

In the United States, the game will be broadcasted on TUDN, which can be streamed through fuboTV.

Inter Miami vs. Barcelona betting odds & lines

Given the fact that it is a friendly club pre-season, any day given, it is expected that Barcelona would roll over the competition in MLS, as their squad has improved significantly.

It is entirely unclear which players will take the field for Barcelona, and it is still to be seen who will rest and which players will be on the pitch. The squad’s chemistry between fringe players and first-team regulars could be managed, and players could have their minutes and be taken off.

During this MLS season, Inter Miami has chosen to give rest to important players, which suggests that the club has faced challenges in the midst of a demanding campaign. The betting odds indicate this and consequently, Inter Miami is not anticipated to emerge victorious in the match.

The odds for the match between Inter Miami and Barcelona are as follows: Inter Miami has a handicap of +1.5 and the odds of -160 for a win, while Barcelona has a handicap of -1.5 and the odds of -103 for a win. The over/under goal line is set at 3.5, with the odds of +110 for over and -150 for under. Both teams to score has the odds of -400 for yes and -436 for no. The odds for Barcelona to win are +425 at UK’s bet365 and +541 at Canada’s Sports Interaction, while the odds for a draw are +800 at UK’s bet365 and +500 at Canada’s Sports Interaction. The odds for Inter Miami to win are +101 at UK’s bet365 and +500 at Canada’s Sports Interaction.