It’s a Boy! Inside Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Smooth and Amazing’ Pregnancy

Lindsay Lohan Courtesy of Lindsay Lohan/Instagram

Lindsay Lohan couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome her and spouse Bader Shammas’ newborn son into the world.

The insider noted that the couple, who will be tying the knot in July 2022 after almost a year of dating, are expecting a baby, with the priority being a healthy child regardless of their sex. An exclusive source tells Us Weekly on Friday, June 30th that “her pregnancy has been incredible and without any complications.”

According to the source, Lohan, who is 36 years old, has a strong desire for something in the future – to have a large family. “She has consistently expressed her wish to have three or four children.”

Their son’s last name is not up for discussion, but one thing they are open to is “keeping a list and considering suggestions from family.” According to an insider, the couple is currently “keeping a list and considering suggestions from family,” and they have already started “discussing possible baby names.”

Lindsay’s bond with her husband is even greater because their son will carry his last name, making it even more exciting and traditional.

As per the informant, during her pregnancy, the Mean Girls actress has been “extremely delighted and sentimental in a thrilling manner”. For her, becoming a mother will enhance her skills as an actress, entrepreneur, and spouse. It has always been a aspiration for her. She is prepared for the experience of being a mother.

Lindsay Lohan with husband Bader Shammas. Michael Simon/Shutterstock

“This is a monumental achievement and she is extremely thrilled about it. She is overjoyed and triumphing over milestones in her life that she has always desired. It has been an emotionally fulfilling journey for her in such a positive manner. The source carries on.”

In the process of adorning her son’s nursery and assembling a baby registry, the actress is already engaged. According to the insider, she expressed her desire for genuine and sincere presents. “However, she prefers considerate gifts rather than ones associated with popular brands,” the insider reveals to Us.

Lindsay’s mom, Dina, is there for her daughter every step of the way, providing calmness and support while also helping with the baby. Additionally, Lindsay’s wife, Shammas, is also supporting her through her pregnancy, not just Dina.

(27, Cody, and Aliana, 29, Michael Jr., Kids also share, after two decades of marriage in 2005 split, Dina and Michael) “They really wanted this for Lindsay for so long. Dina and Michael are coparenting very well,” a source exclusively told Us insider in March. “Bringing their family closer together has really been revealed as Lindsay’s pregnancy,” the source revealed earlier this year.

On March 14, Lindsay revealed that she was expecting her first child with Shammas. In a statement to Us Magazine, the actress expressed her enthusiasm for the arrival of their new family member and anticipated the upcoming phase of their lives. On the very same day, Lindsay took to Instagram to share the news with her fans. She accompanied a picture of a baby onesie bearing the words “coming soon” with the caption, “We feel grateful and thrilled!”

In the bustling metropolis of New York City, the lead actress of Falling for Christmas joyfully commemorated her impending motherhood alongside loved ones during a casual and intimate baby shower held a month after.

A source exclusively informed us about Lindsay’s celebration, stating, “Friends and family expressed their desire to commemorate the occasion, as Lindsay is seldom in town for extended periods.” To honor Lindsay’s pregnancy, only a small group of intimate friends and family gathered for a private brunch.