Jaguar Wright Arrested After Allegedly Attacking Husband, Samuel Odom

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Over the past few years, Jaguar Wright has been attracting attention by making accusations about her peers in the Hip-Hop community, which has raised suspicion among others due to the alleged sexual violations.

My friend and Solar came to the barbershop where I was sitting and relaxing peacefully after the police were called on me… They hurt me and attacked me.” Her spouse clarifies that “She arrived here and attacked me while I was at a barber salon… Wright using foul language as she’s being held while you can hear in the video which was seemingly recorded by her spouse, Samuel Odom in an apparent intoxicated anger, after she assaulted her spouse, However, she gained attention yesterday when a video of her lying facedown on the ground getting arrested started circulating on social media.

Do we require answers? Is it a distinct Solar or did they have a disagreement with DJ Premier and Guru created music for the identical Solar? Hold on.

In a burst of anger, she angrily tossed the ashes of their deceased son out of a window, exclaiming, “Stop behaving foolishly. Disposing of Giovanni’s ashes from the vehicle. Insulting individuals with derogatory language.” Odom claimed that Wright ended up in this predicament because she associated herself with “unacceptable individuals involved in sexual cults” and held her responsible for it.


Jaguar Wright and Solar from Carbon Nation assault Jaguar’s partner at the beauty salon. Jaguar was apprehended by authorities. #Jaguarwright #solar #apprehended #fyp.

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Nonetheless, Samuel implored everyone to “Kindly beseech for her…Please, please, please beseech for her. Beseech for us,” as the situation unraveled.

On her own husband going out in public, she ultimately held bloggers responsible for “engaging in these activities” and informed her followers about the situation on her Instagram page shortly after being set free.

God only knows what will happen to this specific situation.

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