Jake Owen’s ‘Up There Down Here’ Is a Gratitude-Filled Ode to His Better Half [Listen]

He thinks she might be an angel. Actually, he places the woman he adores on a pedestal. Jake Owen’s latest country radio release is a breezy, mid-tempo love ballad.

In “Here Down There Up,” the singer tips his hat to the partner who brings a little bit of heaven into his everyday life, speaking highly of the fact that their love interests him so much that he knows how lucky he is, despite the flaws he’s got.

Currently betrothed to his longtime partner Eric Hartlein, the singer is also a father to two daughters — Pearl, who is nine years old, and Paris, who is three years old. Owen expresses that he always keeps his daughters in his thoughts while performing the song “Up There Down Here”. Owen genuinely appreciates the women who enhance his life.

“When he initially unveiled his fresh tune,” Owen expressed in a statement, “I genuinely adored this melody from the moment I perceived it.” “To come across these celestial beings on this planet, each one of us fellows are fortunate,” he added. “I happen to be fortunate to be able to nurture two of them.”

A sentimental love tale about an enduring love story from the beginning, “Homemade,” a moderate-paced tune by the vocalist, reached the top position on the charts in the spring of 2020. In the subsequent year, his sentimental ballad “Made for You” also achieved the highest rank. Owen, this time around, once again delves into the love song genre. However, “Up There Down Here” is a bit more carefree than anything he has previously released. It conveys a broader message of gratitude towards all the women in his life, rather than focusing solely on a romantic love story. The vocalist has a strong history of success with love songs on country radio.

In the genre of hits like Justin Moore’s “Love You Like a Woman,” Keith Urban’s “Female,” and Dierks Bentley’s “Amen Woman,” “Down Here Up There” is a gratitude-filled and awe-inspiring ode to the women who make life worth living, as if they were heaven-sent.

Listen to Jake Owen, “Up There Down Here”:

Jake Owen’s “Up There Down Here” Lyrics:

On Sunday, I pray more passionately than I speak. I prefer the front pew over the backroad. I have always had a close relationship with the man upstairs. I can quote a few scriptures. She wears a red wine stained cross on a chain. She carries her Mamaw’s hand-me-down Bible. On the bumper of her white Chevy, there is a cross. In Tennessee, my heart is in John 3:16. In my Tahoe…


Below, she’s a bit above / James King puts my John Deere in / Thank the Lord for my girl’s back / My Carhartt hat hangs her halo / She’s heaven on Earth, a little hell I’m gonna raise / From the dirt and grit, my grace / I’m a little down home, cold beer / I’m down here, she’s a little up there.

Amen, Amen.

Yeah, life gets a little sideways when rolling down the highway / Just “married” cans in the glass stained church and yeah, she could see me / I’m the lucky one, an S-O-B / It’s like a heard D-O-G, an S-O-S / With her hand in the wind, she’s a little saint in the shotgun seat / Yeah, an FM hymn.

Repeat Chorus.

Below, she’s a bit elevated / My John Deere possesses a touch of regality / My 90 proof contains sacred water / My Red Wing boots embody a slight heavenly presence.

Repeat Chorus.