Jelly Roll’s Wife Did the Sweetest Thing After His CMT Music Awards Wins

The door is wide open for him to win a lot more awards in 2023, as he has just won a slew of awards at the CMT Music Awards 2023. However, his first country single “Sinner, a Son” not only went No. 1 on country radio, but it also comes in the form of Jelly Roll, a country artist. That wave of noticeable country music scene has flooded the country music scene, and it has been very prominent throughout 2023 and the first half of 2022.

Jelly Roll seems to have captivated the country audience with his approach when he comes to his music and notices that his wife, Bunnie, stands for what he stands for and celebrates it. Don’t look back with the approach he has taken and the door he breaks through in the back with the audience.

She turned to her Instagram to shed even greater light on her spouse, a man she is endlessly proud of.

“You were brought here to dismantle clichés & pave the way for all those who lack,” she declares.

Here is the complete caption:

An anomaly: Something that deviates from what is standard, normal or expected.

You my sweet other half, are just that. A man that was told no every corner he turned only to hit ‘em with that Nashville shuck & come out on top every time. I always tell you you have a horseshoe stuck up your ass, but that isn’t it baby. This is sheer will to spread light, to move mountains, to touch broken souls with your voice, to break generational traumas & set examples for the future. In short, you are the game changer papas. You were sent here to destroy stereotypes & blaze the trail for all the have nots.

Saying I’m proud of you has to be so redundant after all these years, so tonite, per usual- I stand in awe of you. The pied piper of lost souls, the melancholy maestro.. tonite was your night. Hell if we’re being honest, 2023 has been your YEAR.

You filled their hearts with love & brought ‘em to church handsome. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

Their love is genuine, and you can perceive from her effusive praise in this post that they both appear deeply infatuated with each other even now. According to her, she had to acquaint herself with this man when his wife initially introduced them, and she remarked that “he possessed the most sorrowful gaze she had ever witnessed.” Remarkably, the couple has been wedded for more than 6 years.

Another one will suffice for those who believe that only one can love them. His career will continue to soar as Jelly Roll’s wife, but this sweet sentiment won’t be the last and certainly isn’t the first.