Jeopardy! fans rejoice over Ken Jennings’ return date to replace Mayim Bialik as host

Hosting episodes airing from July 3 until July 28 will be back Ken Jennings has left Jeopardy! Fans buzzing over the news.

Numerous spectators have not kept it a secret that they favor the 74-time champion over Mayim Bialik for the significant opportunity.

Ken Jennings will host from Monday, July 3 until July 28 – at which point Jeopardy! will take its summer hiatusCredit: ABC
Fans shamelessly reacted to the news that they ‘had to stop watching’ while Mayim Bialik hostedCredit: ABC

The dutiful Twitter page, which keeps track of his whereabouts, announced the comeback of Ken, who is 49 years old, to Jeopardy!

On Monday, Ken Jennings tweeted, “Starting on Monday, July 3rd, new episodes of Jeopardy! Hosted by Ken Jennings will be syndicated.”

He will continue to host the daily episodes until the Season 39 finale on July 28th.

Mayim, who is 48 years of age, shares one of the most beloved positions on television with Ken and has been hosting since the start of May.

To demonstrate her solidarity with the WGA writers’ strike, she has decided to step back, resulting in Ken returning to finalize the season.

Numerous fans have been eagerly anticipating the return of the syndicated game show and joyously expressed their excitement in the responses.


“I had to pause watching until Ken returns,” one individual responded.

“The show is much more enjoyable when he is the host, Thank God,” wrote another.

“What is: News that brings me joy?” Penned a third as a fourth leaped in: “The Monarch Returns.”

“I believed he solely presented the ultimate week of Jeopardy!…But since it’s extended than that I’m more content now…” Penned another.

Another person responded by stating that due to the recording of episodes five times a day, his on-air presence will extend for a month.

One more reminded: “These are the episodes that required he crosses the writer’s picket line [and not stand with the WGA strike].

He may not feel like he has a choice, but let’s not be too eager to step in for Mayim’s celebration.

Following the episode on July 28th, Jeopardy! Will not be airing until September.

The 2023 Ken’s Tournament will feature three levels of expansion, lasting for a duration of ten weeks. Following this, the gates of the 40 Season Champions will be opened and celebrated.

Last summer, it was announced that Alex Trebek, the esteemed co-host alongside Ken, and the actress, sadly passed away at the age of 80 due to cancer.

In the previous month, the underdog Mattea Roach, aged 24, secured a near victory, which was achieved by James Holzhauer, as Ken recently concluded the exhilarating Jeopardy! Masters special.

Many Jeopardy! Viewers who have been tuning in since the Masters competition have not been overly pleased with Mayim and her style of hosting.

Specifically, they also observed that the celebrity takes an excessive amount of time to react to participants when they provide their answers.

“I’m extremely frustrated by how insane it drives me that Mayim Bialik, who is hosting Jeopardy!, Pauses before answering and spoils it for me. I have tried really hard, but I don’t care for her as The Masters. One viewer on Twitter expressed their anger.”

The answer is agreed upon whether her telling ear her in somebody for waits she thinks exactly my sentiments and “replied: agreed person second A. It annoys me to no end and Ken Jennings has charisma & humor. Ken Jennings also has the hangover Masters, then.”

In the previous month, additional spectators pleaded with Jeopardy! Creators to confront the breaks.

In order to keep her waiting, a participant began supplementing his answers while Mayim was unable to promptly evaluate the correctness of the answers.

In the weeks following the episode, there have also been a few moments that were hard to watch, including the Lord’s Prayer being completely missed and almost all the clues remaining unanswered.

Jeopardy! Executives quipped: “Let’s erase it from memory.”.

Mayim also oversaw the circumstances when Ben Chan, a champion for nine consecutive days, controversially suffered a defeat because of a solitary erroneous letter in the Final Jeopardy round, causing fans to become enraged.

“A “unreadable” conclusive answer, incorporating – which additionally left supporters feeling significantly more dissatisfied given Ben’s severe judgment decision – a few questionable reactions subsequently, has decided leniently on Mayim.”

Apart from the rulings, Mayim was also criticized for not mentioning when a contestant recently dominated a category- as is usually expected.

Furthermore, her “uncomfortable” interaction during the interview sections has not aided her case with doubters either.

Nevertheless, there are others who argue that both presenters bring distinct attributes to the program.


Michael Davies, the creative new executive producer of Jeopardy!, Personally selected Ken and Mayim as the forthcoming presenters for 2022, in light of the triumph of Masters.

While Davies steers the game show towards its super-champ era, he is also encouraging fans to be patient with the hosts.

“When Ken is hosting and Mayim is hosting, there’s no discernible variation [in ratings],” the recent EP informed Vulture.

“It’s precisely the identical [viewership] and that’s the widest portion of the audience.”