Joe Pickett Books in Order

He is known best for his successful Joe Pickett novels, in which the main character is a game warden who solves crimes in rural Wyoming. Alongside the series, Box has also published several standalone novels. He is recognized as one of the most successful American novelists, and his work has won numerous awards. Box is the bestselling author and has sold more than 6 million books worldwide.

About C.J. Box

C.J. Box was born in the early 1960s in Nebraska and grew up loving sports, reading, and writing. He attended Colorado State University where he excelled in academics and sports. After graduating in 1986, he pursued a career as a reporter, first in Casper and then at the Rocky Mountain News, an award-winning newspaper in Denver, Colorado, where he covered major stories such as the 9/11 attacks and the bombing of Oklahoma City.

This is where he finds most of his inspiration, in stories. He spends most of his time camping, fishing, and hiking. Box currently resides in the Rocky Mountains with his family. They have three children together. Melanie, his wife, aided him during the creation of his books by editing and proofreading.

His books are also included in the bestseller lists of other publications such as Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Box has won several awards for his writing, including the Edgar Macavity Award, Barry Award, and Anthony Award. As part of the popular C.J. Box series, he has proven himself to be one of today’s leading mystery writers, with more than a dozen published books.

Overview of Books by C.J. Box

The following provides an overview of all of C.J. Box’s books: Although C.J. Box is most famous for his Joe Pickett Novels, which now consist of 9 books in the series, he has also released three independent novels and five brief narrative tales (four of which were included in an anthology).


The police begin to take an interest in the unlikely case of a person determined to find the missing family, as they disappear suddenly from their home in Wyoming, leaving everything behind except their dog and car. “The Off-Grid” is a standalone novel set in Wyoming (2012).

“The novel “Highway” (2011) is set in Wyoming and revolves around a young woman who unexpectedly finds herself at the perilous heart of a life-threatening situation, witnessing something she was never meant to see.”

The job of being the warden leads Joe Pickett to discover other people who have vanished without a trace, except for everything behind their trucks and cars, as it gets him involved in the game of secrets and lies that lies in the maze.Output: Joe Pickett’s role as the warden leads him to uncover the disappearance of other individuals who have mysteriously vanished, leaving behind all except their vehicles, as he becomes entangled in a complex web of hidden truths and deceit that resides within the intricate maze.

The first novel in the popular Joe Pickett series, Pike (2007), showcases the mounting tension between poachers and tourists as they navigate the strict regulations and enforcement in Yellowstone National Park, where Joe Pickett works as a game warden.

Short stories

“A Treasury of Great Bowling Stories” titled “The King of July” (2014), authored by C.J Box, encompasses an extensive collection of balls. This anthology features the short story “The Thing About Murder” (2013) from “Murder In The Wind: A Treasury of Outdoor Mysteries and Western Stories,” also written by C.J Box.

C.J. Box refers to “A View To A Thrill: A Treasury of Great Suspense Stories” as an anthology that was published in 2012 and is a collection of short stories in the genre of suspense. It is also known as “Rest The History.”

“Powder Burn” (2011) is a brief tale that was included in a collection called “Thriller.”

“Man With A Gun: Crime Fiction II.” Is a compilation published by C.J Box that featured a brief tale titled “A Job For Super Joe” (2009) in its anthology.

Short Story Collections

“The Scales” is a short story included in the collection “Other Stories” (2007), which is about a man who wakes up to find himself covered in scales and follows the curse of the Grizzly Gultch.

‘How To Emulate Bigfoot’ is a book that revolves around an individual in search of Bigfoot, who vanishes mysteriously.

‘The Curse of Grizzly Gulch’ revolves around an individual who arrives in Wyoming on the exact night when the curse was unleashed. ‘Truth Is The First Casualty’ depicts the story of two men who find themselves confined in a hotel amidst an avalanche. Lastly, ‘Old Moon’ narrates the tale of a man who awakens on a different planet and embarks on a quest to return to his place of origin.

The collection “Open Season: Joe Pickett Novels” (2015) consists of standalone novels such as The Wolf, Trophy Hunt, The Highway, and Off the Grid.


C.J. Box, an American author, has published multiple novels and short stories across various genres. Some of his novels have even been turned into movies, which received positive reviews from both viewers and critics alike. “Season,” his most popular novel, is open-ended.