Kanye West on Being Labeled ‘Crazy’ and Not ‘Compromising’ With Kim Kardashian on Kids’ Schooling

Kanye “Ye” West asserts that he has encountered the expression “insane” being hurled towards him, and he acknowledges that it impacts him on an emotional level.

During his fashion show in Paris, the rapper Yeezy wore a controversial shirt that sparked controversy. The shirt had the words “White Lives Matter” printed on it, causing many to question his mental health and address his controversial stances. The rapper’s interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News tonight was divided into two parts, where these issues were discussed.

On the program, West confessed, “It pains me that individuals can inquire, ‘Hey, are you alright?'” And expressed, “They persist in employing the, ‘Oh, he’s insane, he’s insane’ notion. And it distresses me when people utter that.”

West favors Donda Academy, the exclusive educational institution he established, when it concerns his children’s schooling, and he is unwilling to “settle” on co-parenting with Kardashian, addressing it as such.

The hip-hop artist stated, “Following the conclusion of their academic day, my children attend the educational institution where they participate in choral education. We have reached a mutual agreement – although I typically do not make concessions – but for the time being, we have reached a mutual agreement. Sierra Canyon, the prestigious private school with a tuition fee of $37,000 per year, is the educational institution where all the offspring of famous individuals are enrolled.”

At Donda Academy, there’s already a point of contention with his youngest son, Psalm, over him attending choir practice, the rapper added.

West asserted, “I was seated alongside [Pslam] when he entered and exclaimed, ‘Why am I obligated to perform vocally? I don’t even attend this educational institution.'” “Now, envision a younger rendition of that individual, whether at the age of 16 or 26, in which the paternal figure lacks authority over the children’s media consumption, attire selection, dietary preferences, or social circle,” West remarked.

Just a few days after Khloe Kardashian made a public plea to her ex-brother-in-law to cease attacking Kim on social platforms, West’s remarks emerge. Khloe’s plea was expressed through a comment on one of Kanye’s posts, which once again alluded to the rapper’s claims that he was denied the opportunity to attend his and Kim’s daughter Chicago West’s fourth birthday celebration.

Khloe responded to the post, stating, “Yes, I adore you. I would rather not engage in this on social media, but YOU persist in bringing it up here.” “You are the progenitor of my nieces and nephews, and I am attempting to be considerate, but please CEASE disparaging Kimberly and exploiting our family when you wish to divert attention,” Khloe remarked.

Can you please pay attention and be mindful of your behavior when you come? I have seen all the texts that prove it. I want to know exactly where your children are at all times. We all know the truth in my opinion and everyone is tired of it. I’m tired of it enough already. Khloe has refuted Kanye’s version of events regarding the birthday narrative in Chicago once again.

In retaliation, West posted a screenshot of Khloe’s remark and labeled her as a “deceiver” in a subsequently removed post.