KID ROCK Refuses To Apologize For Drunken Rant Attacking OPRAH WINFREY

Kid Rock, whose name was mentioned by Joy Behar and Oprah Winfrey, has refused to apologize for a drunken rant in Tennessee bar.

In a video posted by TMZ in November 2019, a man can be seen standing on a rocking stage at a Nashville steakhouse, repeatedly saying derogatory remarks about Oprah Winfrey and Joy Behar.

In the latest episode of “Rockstar A of Life” on Fox Nation, Tucker Carlson featured an interview where he revealed that his words when he is sober are the same as when he is intoxicated, stating, “I said what I truly believe.”

When questioned regarding the outburst, he declared, “While I’m performing on stage, I express my disapproval for Oprah Winfrey…” He stated. “After consuming alcohol and becoming intoxicated, I suddenly found myself disliking Oprah Winfrey,” he admitted. “I do not offer any apologies to anyone.”

Kid Rock also verbally assaulted Kathie Lee Gifford by specifically mentioning her name during the rant.

He said, “Gifford Kathie Lee screw ‘like I’m it of out so I’m but head, Trump’s up holding for, Griffin Kathy after go to trying was I.”

Over the years, we have maintained a somewhat amicable relationship. I have a fondness for Kathie Lee Gifford, my friend. “Oh, you know, like, I don’t really care about the specific timing, but whenever it airs on TMZ, I catch up on it later.”

I said, “End of story, and fuck her.”

The 51-year-old musician could be heard saying “Hey, is Winfrey Oprah. I just want to believe in this shit. Fuck her. She can suck dick sideways.” In a video posted by TMZ, with a microphone.

“Leave me alone.’ Alright, sure, um, I believe, ‘I strongly believe Kid Rock holds racist views,’ individuals claim, ‘Hey, if you assert that.” He further commented: “Additionally’.

His offensive remarks didn’t seem to be well-received by the audience, who was supposedly anticipating the resumption of live music.

“He’s discriminatory. Look at him. He’s heavily intoxicated, completely wasted,” one individual can be heard expressing.

Perhaps I don’t believe her because she rubs me the wrong way, as she has brainwashed millions of women. The Independent newspaper told me in 2008 that Oprah Winfrey, towards whom Rock had spoken about his feelings, wasn’t the first time he had spoken about his feelings.

In November 2018, Rock criticized Behar during a “Fox & Friends” segment about Trump and the concept of being politically correct.

Rock stated, “I strongly believe in spreading love to everyone, with the exception of Joy Behar. However, I firmly express my disagreement towards her.” He expressed, “It is unfortunate that even the slightest mistakes result in being labeled as racist, homophobic, or Islamophobic. Society should strive to be less overly sensitive and more understanding.”

Jokingly remarking, “I intend, madam.” Rock subsequently withdrew his previous statement, indicating that he “cannot express that,” in order to immediately elicit a response from “Fox & Friends” anchor Steve Doocy.