Kim Jong-un’s New Outfit Could Be Deadly for South Korea

Kim recently appeared wearing a brown jacket at another public event. He was also seen wearing a khaki safari hat and black slacks, paired with a white tunic, while attending a recent missile launch. The CNN reported on this. Kim has traditionally been seen wearing the occasional military uniform or solid black or white outfits.

Bruce Klingner of the Heritage Foundation told CNN that by claiming ownership of the tactical nuclear weapons program, the leader is demonstrating his audacity, pride, and active participation.

During the current situation, experts believe that it is inevitable for North Korea to conduct nuclear tests soon. Last week, North Korea fired several ballistic missiles, including seven in the past few weeks and throughout the year.

A South Korean official from the unification ministry stated this week, as reported by the Yonhap News Agency, “The government strongly encourages North Korea once more to promptly stop any further provocations and to react to our ‘bold proposition’ proposal.”

The South Korean official, according to Yonhap, has repeatedly urged for the immediate cessation of North Korea’s provocative actions as tensions escalate on the Korean Peninsula. The government has closely monitored North Korea’s back-to-back test-firing of intermediate and short-range ballistic missiles, condemning it as a serious provocation and a violation of United Nations Security Council resolutions.