Kim Kardashian blasts Kanye West for making up ‘insane narrative’ about mom Kris Jenner

Kim Kardashian, visibly overcome with emotion, breaks down in tears as she vehemently condemns her former spouse Kanye West’s incessant flow of “untruths” in the press.

During the Season 3 premiere of the “Kardashians” this week, Kim, with tears in her eyes, confided in her mother, Kris Jenner, about the current situation with Kanye. She mentioned that there are numerous events happening in the media, radio programs, and interviews. Additionally, she revealed that she experienced an anxiety attack earlier in the morning.

The rapper’s family is tired from trying to keep silent about the anti-Semitic lies surrounding her, and she sat on her bed with the renowned momager, founder of Skims, feeling exhausted by how detailed she is.

She said, “Recording [intercourse] the and you about story crazy most the up created has he like, post never I like, comment never I.” He tells us about all the madness of Kanye even.

kim kardashian
Kim Kardashian breaks down in tears talking about Kanye West’s “lies” about her family during the season 3 premiere of “The Kardashians.”
kanye west and kim kardashian
The Skims founder cries to her mom, Kris Jenner, over West taking their personal issues to the media.

“We remain silent,” she persisted. “We remain silent throughout all the falsehoods, all the things.”

The scene appears to be filmed around the time when West, 45, was posting text message exchanges with his ex-wife on Instagram, assuming that she will mention all of her comments on the internet.

In her confessional, Kim explained that Jenner is “heartbroken” because she slept with her former son-in-law and the rumors spreading from him are fake, causing Jenner to be more upset.

kris jenner and kanye west
“We stay silent,” Kim continues. “We stay silent through all the lies, all the stuff.”

The television personality stated that the Yeezy creator “disapproves” of her due to her notorious intimate recording with Ray J — both openly and privately, despite the fact that Kim, aged 42, and West were in a relationship for a total of eight years, with six of those years being in matrimony.

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  • “I know that one day my children will appreciate this because I never say anything and I am sitting here, sobbed Kim as her mom told her, “I will always be more careful with my tapes than to damage them further, I don’t know what his shenanigans are all about.”

    Feeling wounded and disoriented due to West causing her the most pain, the rapper behind “All of the Lights” perceives himself as her everlasting guardian, as clarified by the former star of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

    kim kardashian, kanye west and kris jenner
    The reality star also calls out her ex-husband for spreading a rumor that Drake hooked up with Kris.
    Getty Images

    During their entire marriage, she informs Jenner that West also circulated a gossip that she had a romantic involvement with Drake, expressing her disbelief by stating, “I can’t comprehend how he perceives himself as a guardian.”

    She continued, “I am extremely tired.” Their situation has no other solution because they are having a really bad day and I can’t handle it anymore. I can’t even handle being overwhelmed. I am having a really bad day and I just want to lose it all.

    “I don’t desire to be involved in this storyline,” she remarked. “I’m trapped with this for the remainder of my existence.”