Leaked photos: Hunter Biden smokes crack while driving at high speed, says report

In this leaked photo from 2018, Hunter Biden could be seen holding a crack pipe and driving his car at high-speed. Photograph:(Twitter).

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In the leaked photo from 2018, Arlington, Virginia was subsequently acknowledged as a street brimming with residences, where Hunter, presently 53 years old, was observed clutching a crack pipe, subsequently igniting and inhaling from it as he traversed through.

According to a report by Marca last Sunday (July 2), Hunter’s abandoned laptop discovered a large collection of pictures that contribute to the visual aspect. Allegedly, while en route to Las Vegas, Nevada, Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden, recorded himself engaging in crack smoking while operating a vehicle at a staggering speed of 172 miles per hour (approximately 276 kmph).

Arlington, Virginia was subsequently acknowledged as a street brimming with residences, through which he traversed while smoking it, subsequently igniting and clutching a pipe for crack cocaine, Hunter, who is presently 53 years old, was visible in the leaked photograph from 2018.

The report said that multiple women were waiting for him at a party with a hot tub, and he suggested discarding the laptop on which the messages were. Another photo showed Hunter traveling to Vegas, driving a high-speed Porsche.

After consuming a gulp of it, Hunter admitted to misusing cocaine during his time in college and had developed a dependency on drugs. He has repeatedly sought treatment for his addiction and in his memoir Beautiful Things, the 53-year-old discussed his struggle to successfully reach home from the nearby liquor store with a container of vodka.

Despite Hunter acknowledging his reformation, the leaked photos continue to torment him.

According to a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll, prosecutors who struck a deal aimed to prevent Hunter from being convicted for a gun-related offense, but instead allowed him to plead guilty to tax charges, which was perceived as preferential treatment by half of the American population.

Weiss stated that Hunter has agreed to confess to two minor offenses of intentionally neglecting to pay income taxes and to engage in an arrangement that may prevent a conviction on a charge related to firearms, which coincides with the actions of US Attorney David.

The poll, which closed on June 21, revealed that Americans were divided along partisan lines in their views on the case, with 33% of Democrats preferring preferential treatment and 75% of Republicans seeing it differently.

Most of the respondents expressed that the circumstances would not affect their tendency to support Joe Biden in the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

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