Los 10 aeropuertos más grandes de USA

The United States is known for having some of the most modern and largest airports in the world, and in this article, we want to present to you the top 10 airports in the USA, which not only meet the needs of modern travelers but are also equipped with advanced technology. Join us on this journey and discover what makes these airports so special.

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  • The airports in the United States are characterized by a high annual and daily traffic, as well as a greater number of doors compared to other countries.

    Although it is not the largest in terms of surface area, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, United States, is one of the most heavily trafficked airports in the world, with over ten million passengers passing through.

    The Heathrow Airport in London is the busiest, whereas the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris is the largest airport in Europe, covering an area of 32 square kilometers, in comparison.

    Below, we provide a complete list of the ten largest airports in the United States.

    1: Denver International Airport, Colorado – 135 square kilometers

    Los 10 aeropuertos más grandes de USA

    Denver International Airport is one of the largest airports in the world and covers over 135 square kilometers of surface area, making it the largest airport in the United States.

    There are a total of three different areas in gate 163. It offers different destinations around 215, operated by 23 airlines that were inaugurated in 1995. It is one of the largest employers in Colorado and has over 35,000 employees.

    Dammam’s Fahd Rey International Airport in Saudi Arabia is truly the largest airport in the world with an astonishing surface area of 776 square kilometers. In 2021, it served a staggering 58.8 million passengers, surpassing Denver Airport.

    2: Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Texas – 69 square kilometers

    Los 10 aeropuertos más grandes de USA

    The Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport in Texas ranks second among the ten largest airports in the busy world of the United States. It becomes the 12th busiest airport in the world, handling around 70 million passengers per year, although its size is smaller than Denver Airport.

    It has 5 terminals and 191 gates, and provides services to a total of 260 international destinations despite covering only half of Denver Airport’s surface area.

    3: Orlando International Airport, Florida – 54 square kilometers

    Los 10 aeropuertos más grandes de USA

    Orlando, Florida, is situated in the third position in the ranking of the largest airports in the United States. It is known popularly as the Disney World airport, due to its proximity to this famous tourist destination that annually receives the majority of visitors.

    During the year 2021, it is estimated that the Orlando airport served a total of 40 million passengers.

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  • McCoy Air Force Base, a military installation situated in the identical location and shut down in 1975 following the conclusion of the Vietnam War, obtained its name from its prior designation, “Base de la Fuerza Aérea McCoy.” It is intriguing that the identifier employed for this airport is MCO.

    4: Washington Dulles International Airport, Virginia – 52 square kilometers

    Los 10 aeropuertos más grandes de USA

    Opened in 1962, the airport that caters to the nation’s capital is the fourth largest in the country and is slightly less spacious than Orlando airport. This airport was dedicated to John Foster Dulles, who served as the 52nd Secretary of State during Eisenhower’s presidency. It welcomes approximately 24 million travelers annually.

    5: George Bush International Airport, Texas – 40 square kilometers

    Los 10 aeropuertos más grandes de USA

    Located in the fifth largest airport in the United States, Houston, Texas is approximately a 4-hour drive from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

    Despite being smaller than Washington’s airport, Bush, a renowned statesman, is the designation given to this airport honoring President George HW Bush, which accommodates over twice the number of passengers annually, reaching a total of 45 million.

    It is interesting to note that before 1997, the name of this airport was simply the Intercontinental Airport of Houston.

    6: Salt Lake City International Airport, Utah – 31 square kilometers

    Los 10 aeropuertos más grandes de USA

    Several times, the airport in Salt Lake City, Utah, has been the most punctual in the United States, with fewer flight cancellations than others, despite not being very large or busy (with 24 million passengers per year). It was built in 1960 and has been expanded and renovated several times.

    7: O’Hare International Airport, Illinois – 30.9 square kilometers

    Los 10 aeropuertos más grandes de USA

    Allowing access to 228 global destinations, the airport welcomes 80 million travelers annually and boasts 91 gates. Situated in Illinois, the Chicago airport is the seventh largest in the United States.

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  • During that time, the United States quickly transformed into the second most populous country, with Chicago’s main airport quickly becoming a bustling hub. It was initially built as a production plant for airplanes in the 1940s.

    8: San Francisco International Airport, California – 21 square kilometers

    Los 10 aeropuertos más grandes de USA

    Globally, it ranked twenty-fourth in 2017 and is the second busiest airport in California. It serves as a connecting hub for Europe, Asia, and Australia and is the primary airport in the region, located in California. Among the top ten, San Francisco is the eighth most significant airport.

    9: John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York – 21 square kilometers

    Los 10 aeropuertos más grandes de USA

    The country has been known for being the 35th president to be honored, having one of the most important airports in the United States, John F. Kennedy International Airport.

    The inauguration will initiate the opening of local transportation for the new 16 entrances, which are presently situated in Queens and are commonly known as JFK. Approximately 60 million travelers visit this location each year.

    10: Detroit Metropolitan Airport, Michigan – 19 square kilometers

    In the future, it is expected to expand due to its high level of usage, boasting 103 gates and being one of the largest airports in the United States, with an annual flow of 34 million passengers, despite having a smaller surface area compared to other major airports, the Metropolitan Airport of Detroit in Michigan.