Los 15 aeropuertos más grandes del mundo

Madrid-Barajas barely makes it. The next time will be! In tenth place, there is only European presence in a ranking where vuelo-retrasado.Es shows the Top 10. That being said, often both characteristics coincide, although they are not necessarily the busiest. Therefore, today we bring you the list of the largest airports in terms of surface area that we also love at Liligo. They can become like a second home for the most adventurous, although they are transit places. Alright, avid travelers spend many hours in them, how many hours? The airports.

Lufthansa is the most dominant airline hub in Germany, with approximately 65 million passengers using it per year. This airport, which is the largest in Germany, covers an area of about 23 km2 and has 2 terminals and 4 runways.

Aeropuerto de Frankfurt

14. Amsterdam Airport

The total surface area of 27.82 square kilometers. In summary, its amenities are concentrated in a solitary terminal but divided into 3 distinct departure halls. It holds the third position among the classification of one of the largest airports globally, which is also featured on other prominent rankings, like airports with the highest number of visitors in Europe.

Aeropuerto de Ámsterdam

13. Salt Lake City Global Airport

The airport, located in Utah, is called West Intermountain and serves as the main access point to the states that make up the Intermountain West. It has an average of 400 daily flights and is considered an important transit hub, with a size of 28.23 square kilometers.

12. O’Hare Airport

O’Hare Airport, located in the northwest of Chicago, is the base for important airlines such as American Airlines and United Airlines, which receive an enormous average of 85 million visitors each year, considering its vast area of 29.13 square kilometers.


11. Madrid Barajas Airport

The overall expanse of the airport covers 30.5 square kilometers. The T4 is also a remarkable feat of architecture, being one of the four terminals at Madrid-Barajas Airport, which undoubtedly possesses the essential amenities. It holds the second position, a distinction that necessitates appropriate facilities; specifically, it ranks among the top three most frequented European airports, alongside Charles de Gaulle Airport and Amsterdam Airport.

10. Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris

The second largest airport in Europe is Madrid-Barajas Airport, with its slightly over 30 km2 of surface area. By the way, with a very significant passenger traffic, it is the operating center for companies like Air France. In addition, Paris is one of the world’s cities with the highest influx of visitors and tourists, so it is not surprising that Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport is the largest airport in Europe, with its 32.37 square kilometers.

Aeropuerto de París

9. Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport

It was necessary to have an airport according to the influx of tourists. Without a doubt, Thailand is, today, one of the countries that receives the most passengers per year. And the reasons are practically the same. However, this Thai airport surpasses Paris Charles de Gaulle by just a little, with a whopping 32.40 km2.

Aeropuerto de Bangkok Suvarnabhumi

8. Cairo

Cairo, with its large surface area of 36.25 km2, is a major hub and tourist attraction for airlines such as EgyptAir. This city, with its large airport, is an excellent example of the bustling airline industry.

Aeropuerto de El Cairo

7. Pudong, Shanghai

Impressive! Hong Kong, which we are familiar with, may not be as big as we can imagine, but it already boasts an airport of almost 40 km2. It is one of the most populated cities in the world, attracting over 70 million visitors each year, making it one of the cities with the highest influx of tourists.

Shangai Pudong Airport

6. Houston George Bush International

Incluso en el propio estado de Texas, este aeropuerto texano es un buen comienzo para un país como Estados Unidos, con algunas de las terminales y pistas más grandes del mundo. Con una superficie de 44,51 km2, el club irrumpe en la lista de entrada de Estados Unidos.

Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport

5. Dulles International Airport

The size always matters in airports, like in other things in life, but in airports, it only surpasses it by 4 km2, with its 48.56 k2, to tell the truth, in fact it repeats on the list immediately after Houston Airport, United States is on a roll!

Whasington Dulles Airport

4. Orlando

With a continuously growing Latino community and attractions such as extraordinary parks and beaches, it is not surprising that Florida, with its surface area of exactly 53.83 km2, has reserved a spot on the list of tourist hotspots. We can also understand why it is home to one of the busiest airports in the United States, with a higher influx of annual visitors.

Orlando International Airport

3. Texas Dallas/Fort Worth

Texas, with its nearly 27 million residents and its undeniable economic and tourist influence, had to make an appearance on this ranking once again. In fact, it achieves this by expanding Houston’s airport by approximately 25 square kilometers. Or, to be more precise: the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas can proudly claim a surface area of nearly 70 square kilometers, to be exact, 69.63 km².

Texas Dallas/Fort Worth Airport

2. Denver Municipal Airport

In our article, we explain everything about the most beautiful airports in the world. This airport is also considered one of the most architecturally curious. With exactly 135.71 km2, Denver International Airport stands out for its height. It is precisely in the second position, almost taking over the middle ranking, after the United States.

Aeropuerto Inernacional de Denver

1. King Fahd International Airport

Order throughout! Saudi Aramco, the oil company, utilizes this airport, in fact, a country very inclined towards colossal projects and oil exports: Saudi Arabia, where it is located, should not surprise us much. By multiplying it by 6, it practically dwarfs the second one on the list, the King Fahd International Airport, undoubtedly the largest airport in the world!