LSU rape victim Madison Brooks’ mother details final texts

The mother of the University of Louisiana State student, who was allegedly raped and then fatally struck by a car earlier this year, revealed the final text exchange, including the harrowing moment she knew something terrible had happened.

Before Ashley Baustert hit her car in Baton Rouge on 15 Jan, she exchanged messages with her daughter Madison, who was driving in Burbank just hours earlier.

“‘I adore you!!!” Brooks, 19, expressed in a message at 11:38 p.M. On Jan. 14, Baustert informed Fox News Digital.

At Reggie’s tavern, Baustert mentioned that her daughter additionally sent her a photo of herself and the offspring of one of her sorority siblings.

“She said she instantly realized that something suspicious had occurred,” when she discovered several hours afterwards that her daughter had been struck by a vehicle at a bustling crossroad.

I knew something terrible happened, based on the circumstances of where she was and how she was hit, being alone and at that time.

When Brooks’ phone rang, Mandy’s mother, Baustert, gathered with her loved ones at the hospital to say their goodbyes to Reggie’s brother, LeBlanc, and Mandy.

Madison Brooks and Ashley Baustert.
Madison Brooks, right, alongside her mother, Ashley Baustert.
Ashley Baustert

“Baustret clarified,” give her a call near the parkway in the morning at three, Madi and I were there with no one else around.”

Four youthful individuals, whom she reportedly requested a lift back, Brooks entered a car while messaging her mother before midnight and her fatal collision. The subsequent investigation into the incident validated the family’s gravest concerns.

At the time of her death, Fox News said that the blood-alcohol content of Brooks was nearly four times the legal limit, measuring at .319%.

Brooks last texted her mom from Reggie’s Bar in Baton Rouge.

Washington, Kaivon Deondre, 18, Lee, Everett, 28, Carver, Casen, 18, and Carter, Desmond, 17, surrendered to the authorities in the days following Brooks’ demise. The individuals who pushed her onto the side of the parkway are now facing allegations of sexually assaulting all four of them.

Carver claimed that Carter “inquired the victim five times if she desired to engage in sexual intercourse with him” and Brooks provided “oral consent.” During the first police interrogation, Carver mentioned that Brooks and Carter encountered each other at Reggie’s.

Both Carter and Carver have been charged with first- and third-degree sexual assault.

Flowers for Brooks near where the accident took place.
Brooks was hit by a car in a busy section of Burbank Drive.

Lee and Washington are awaiting charges, and have been arrested on charges of third-degree sexual assault and third-degree rape, respectively, Fox stated.

Washington has also been alleged of sexually assaulting a lady at Reggie’s last August.

The four suspects maintained that the sex was consensual. In late January, the defense teams presented a brief clip of Brooks getting out of the group’s car, which proved that the student had not been willfully abandoned or raped, as argued by the mass communications.

A billboard for the Madison Brooks Foundation.
A billboard for the Madison Brooks Foundation has gone up in Times Square.
Madison Brooks Foundation

Baustert’s lawyer dismissed the video, stating that its material was “offensive and disgraceful” to the family of Brooks.

Baustert informed Fox about the initial weeks following the demise of her daughter, and she expressed the need to allocate moments for shedding tears, as she wept continuously throughout the entire day.

Prior to attending a friend’s birthday celebration, she gathered her belongings for the upcoming spring term and reminisced about Brooks’ final day at their residence.

Kaivon Washington.
Suspect Kaivon Washington is also wanted for sexually assaulting another woman at Reggie’s last August.
Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office

Baustert commented on their previous encounter, expressing, “I will meet you on Sunday,” and affectionately stated, “I adore you immensely” as I always have, I embraced her with a kiss.

This week, Baustert, LeBlanc, and Jenny Reimold, her closest companion, journeyed to New York on May 7th to commemorate the 20th birthday of Brooks.

The untimely death of Brooks prompted his family to establish the non-profit organization, the Brooks Madison Foundation. In a special stop at Times Square, a trio made a check presentation for a billboard advertisement.

Madison Brooks.
Brooks would have turned 20 on May 7.
Instagram / @madibrookss

The second 10-slideshow featured pictures of Brooks beaming alongside pink backdrops, promoting the goals of the foundation, which included spreading awareness about organ donation and promoting the safety of young people.

Baustert said that Brooks’ heart valves and kidney were given as donations following her passing.

She expressed that while she struggles with the loss of her daughter, it feels as though “she is constantly by my side.”

“Now, it’s about continuing from where Madi left off,” she stated.