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On the third Sunday of June, Father’s Day is celebrated in the United States. Just recently, Nadia Ferreira, who is 31 years younger than Anthony Marc, announced through their respective Instagram accounts that they had become a couple. The message of their announcement was shared with their followers over the past weekend.

The Puerto Rican-American singer, who actually has an extensive history, has adopted seven children, with the latest being a baby. She has been married four times, and her first son was the result of a civil ceremony at the end of January, which she entered into because of her marriage to the Miss Universe from Paraguay and model.

He began his first significant relationship with a police officer when he was already a recognized salsa singer. This is because both his first significant relationship with a police officer and his recognition as a salsa singer began even before he achieved worldwide fame. Additionally, his particular family tree has also played a role. Songs like “Valió la pena” or “Te tengo aquí,” “Ahora quien,” and “Vivir mi vida” are some of the author’s successful hits that reflect his love history, which we will now review.

Debbie Rosado

Cordial is primarily a familiar relationship that has attended various family events, which has been rumored and there are very few photographs of the person, Muñiz Rosado-Arianna, who was the first daughter of her partner, on June 29, 1994, this love started just a year after, in 1993, when this police officer Anthony Marc had his first known relationship.

Furthermore, Marc and the rest of his siblings have been seen on special occasions with him, if he adopted and gave his last name to the person Marc adopted and gave his last name to, and the person Marc adopted and gave his last name to, named Alex — although he is better known in the family as Chase–, Debbie Rosado already had a child previously.

Dayanara Torres

In the year 1993, precisely, the model Dayanara Torres, who became the third Miss Universe from Puerto Rico, embarked on a new stage of her life alongside the artist, some time later.

Torres, the capital of the nation of birth, is where they reaffirmed their commitment a few years later, and the initial of the rituals occurred in Las Vegas in 2000: even though they are considered as a single entity, they faced a period of turmoil in the midst of their partnership and temporarily parted ways, leading to him marrying her on two separate occasions.

Adrián Ryan had two additional offspring with the Puerto Rican, Anthony: in February 2001 and Marcus Cristian, in August 2003, and christened in tribute to a remarkable comrade of the vocalist and whom he deeply esteems, Cristian Castro.

Marc strongly denied, but Dayanara remained unconvinced, despite the fact that DNA tests later proved that the mother of the singer’s supposed child was lying. Ultimately, they would part ways in 2003 amidst speculation of a potential illegitimate child of Marc.

Jennifer Lopez

In February 2004, Jennifer Lopez asked Marc Anthony for help with the theme of the movie “Shall we dance?” In Spain, where they fell in love and confirmed the rumors of their previous affair. They lived in a luxurious mansion in the Bronx, Miami, where they had the third wedding in June, and it seemed that they were engaged in March.

In 2011, they would divorce, claiming that their marriage had become “unsustainable”, although three years earlier, on February 22, 2008, Jennifer Lopez had given birth to her first children: a pair of twins. The girl was named Emme Maribel Muñiz, while the boy was named Maximilian David Muñiz. They earned $6 million for the exclusive rights to their first photographs.

Despite both Marc and Smart denying the rumor, there was speculation in the media about the actress and artist who started dating while Marc was still married. They even lived together in the same house and there were even comments about their relationship with JLo and Anthony. However, they practically separated in 2012, shortly after announcing their romance, mostly because of many ups and downs in their relationship.

In February 2017, they would agree to the divorce. Marc Anthony and Shannon de Lima got married in 2014 at the musician’s residence in La Romana, Dominican Republic, after a short romance between the singer and designer Chloe Green, they got back together, one way or another.

Short-term relationships

Marc Anthony, who was 53 years of age at the time and 34 years her senior, commenced a romantic relationship with the considerably youthful Brazilian Madu Licona, who was 19 years old. Following Shannon de Lima, there ensued a series of short-lived partnerships with the musician: the Italian model Raffaella Modugno, the equally American model Jessica Lyne, and it is widely known who his companions have been. Marc Anthony has never encountered any difficulties when it comes to accompanying the women he has dated to the various events and concerts he has attended.

Nadia Ferreira

She was pregnant when she met Valentine’s Day, shortly after. On January 28, 2023, they got married in a wedding held at the Pérez Art Museum in Miami –David Beckham, Maluma, and Romeo Santos were the godparents–. In March 2022, Marc Anthony confirmed his relationship with model Nadia Ferreira through Instagram, his current wife and mother of his seventh child.