Margot Robbie ‘Mid Without Makeup’ Post Sparks Furious Backlash

Debate Over Margot Robbie’s Attractiveness Sparks Furious Backlash

The Controversial Discussion on Margot Robbie’s Beauty

A recent online debate regarding the level of attractiveness of Australian actress and Academy Award nominee Margot Robbie has ignited a furious backlash on social media platforms. The discussion gained significant attention after several Twitter users expressed their agreement with the notion that Robbie is only “mid” attractive. The slang term “mid” is commonly used in a derogatory manner to imply that something or someone is average or below average. Consequently, millions of users became embroiled in the debate, leading to a heated exchange of opinions and perspectives.

Robbie’s Trending Status and Positive Reactions on Social Media

Robbie has been a trending topic recently due to her active promotion of the upcoming Barbie movie, in which she co-stars alongside Ryan Gosling. As part of her promotional activities, she has been spotted wearing various colorful outfits while walking the pink carpets at Barbie premiere events. These appearances have consistently garnered wildly positive reactions from social media users, who have expressed admiration for her style and overall appearance.

The Tweet that Sparked the Controversy

The controversy surrounding Robbie’s attractiveness began when Twitter user @NicholasVerola shared a picture of Robbie without makeup and stated his unpopular opinion. In a tweet that has since been viewed a staggering 53 million times, he proclaimed, “This is [Margot Robbie] without makeup. Definitely mid.” His take caught the attention of thousands of people, leading to an influx of comments and quote tweets. Despite facing significant backlash, @NicholasVerola stood his ground, prompting others to vehemently disagree and criticize his viewpoint.

Additional Controversial Opinions and Disagreements

User @bizlet7 also contributed to the ongoing debate by rating Robbie as a “hard 7” and comparing her to women who could be found in Blockbuster Video stores in 1995. This perspective, too, garnered mixed reactions. Online influencer Kirawontmiss shared their bemusement with their 1.1 million followers, expressing disbelief at the trend on Twitter that attempted to convince people that Margot Robbie is only “mid” in terms of attractiveness.

Controversy Spreads to Reddit

Not limited to Twitter, the discussion surrounding Robbie’s attractiveness spilled over onto Reddit. User @facepalm initiated a popular thread titled, “If Margot Robbie is mid, then we’ve collectively lost the plot.” Once again, the original tweeter, @NicholasVerola, faced intense criticism for his controversial opinion about Robbie’s appearance. Reddit users responded with sarcastic comments and jokes, with one user writing, “His girlfriend is probably way hotter, but we don’t know her because she goes to another school,” while another jokingly suggested, “Guy probably gets hot over anime.”

Sexism Claims Emerge

Amidst the debates and discussions surrounding Robbie’s looks, numerous claims of sexism were made against those who judged her appearance, particularly those who critiqued her without considering her beauty. Twitter user @Rottenplanet argued, “If you don’t think Margot Robbie is a beautiful woman, then you need your eyes examined. Anyone calling her ‘mid’ is just being an ignorant sexist tool.” These claims further fueled the heated nature of the debate, leading to even more intense exchanges on social media platforms.

Comparisons and Rating on the Golden Ratio Scale

During hours of engaging in arguments with other social media users, @NicholasVerola continued to defend his viewpoint. In an attempt to support his claim that “no woman looks good without makeup,” he shared a photo of Penelope Cruz in her 20s without makeup. Additionally, he rated Robbie as a “6” out of 10 in another tweet.

The concept of the golden ratio, a scientific scale used to measure attractiveness, was brought up in the context of evaluating celebrities. Dr. Julian De Silva, a plastic surgeon, claimed that Jodie Comer, star of Killing Eve, had the highest golden ratio rating of 94.52 percent among celebrities. This claim was followed by Zendaya and Bella Hadid. Websites like also rated Robbie highly on the golden ratio scale, assigning her a score of 88.9 percent.

While the discussion primarily focused on Robbie’s attractiveness, it is worth noting that the golden ratio has been applied to evaluate male celebrities as well. According to London Facial Plastic Surgery, the top three most aesthetically pleasing men were determined to be Regé-Jean Page, Chris Hemsworth, and Michael B. Jordan, all with scores exceeding 93 percent on the golden ratio scale.

The Ongoing Debate and its Impact

The debate surrounding Margot Robbie’s attractiveness continues to generate heated discussions and polarizing opinions on social media platforms. Despite the controversy, Robbie’s positive reception among her fans and the widespread recognition of her talent in the entertainment industry remain unaffected. The intense backlash against those who judged Robbie’s looks underscores the importance of promoting body positivity, challenging societal beauty standards, and refraining from perpetuating sexist attitudes in online discussions.