Marine Ocean Cargo & Shipping Insurance

If your business is buying or selling goods overseas, it’s important to have ocean marine cargo insurance to protect your investments.

We aim to simplify the process and provide you with a peaceful mindset. At JGS Insurance, we work as your independent marine cargo broker to develop tailored coverage solutions that meet the growing complexity of the global supply chain, ensuring seamless and flexible operations.

What Happens When You Need to File an Ocean Cargo Insurance Claim?

When it comes to testing the true value of your insurance policy, the Advocacy Claims team at Insurance JGS is here to support you by negotiating and mitigating damages, making settlement possible and reporting your loss.

We are here to:Output: We have come to:

  • Assist you in managing expenses, mitigating risks, and selecting the optimal insurance plan for your enterprise.
  • Utilize our exceptional resources and knowledge to maximize the benefits of your insurance policy.
  • Coordinate insurance coverage and manage your claim using the most effective industry standards.
  • We will actively assist you throughout your claim process and until you achieve a satisfactory resolution.
  • JGS Insurance has a stellar track record of finding the right insurance plan for each client, combining our full dedication and deep industry knowledge to meet the needs of businesses across all 50 states and partnering with the best insurance providers. With many years of experience, we strive to make us one of the top insurance providers.

    What Does Marine Cargo Insurance Cover?

    The coverage of marine cargo insurance would vary based on your individualized policy. Nevertheless, damages in scenarios such as are often covered by ocean cargo insurance.

  • Fires or blasts on a ship.
  • Shipwreck or submerging during cargo voyages.
  • Crash, derailing, or flipping over.
  • Natural disasters such as tempests and seismic activities.
  • Washing out and discarding.
  • Damage that takes place during the process of loading and unloading.
  • In addition, the survey includes the reconditioning of costs and fees, as well as expenses related to forwarding, such as insurance coverage for marine cargo, to address any actual damage to the cargo.

    However, it is important to keep in mind that many marine cargo insurance policies do not provide coverage for intentional damage caused by wars or civil riots, as these situations can be catastrophic, unpredictable, and cause significant wear and tear on improperly packed cargo.

    Who Needs Ocean Cargo Insurance?​

    It is essential for any company engaged in marine shipping, including, to have comprehensive ocean cargo insurance.

  • Importers.
  • Exporters.
  • Shipping companies.
  • Manufacturers.
  • Logistics companies.
  • Any enterprises that transport goods across the open ocean.
  • How JGS Insurance Arranges Solutions for Every Stage if the Global Supply Chain.

    Whenever you have a problem or an unresolved need for marine cargo insurance, our aim is to become your trusted permanent partner. At JGS Insurance, we will take a deep look at your company’s portfolio to evaluate the exact type of insurance coverage you need based on your business profile and industry.

    We are able to assist you.

  • Minimize the dangers of acquiring and transporting new resources.
  • Make informed choices regarding import-export insurance.
  • Maintain your insurance coverage current as your business expands.
  • Reduce possible hazards linked to your field of work.
  • We are experts in ocean cargo insurance and we know all the best practices. We can ensure that your business’s insurance policy fits your marine cargo needs and we know how to make sure it works effectively. Our clients can rely on us as their trusted ocean cargo insurance advisors. JGS Insurance is not just a regular insurance vendor, but much more.

    JGS Insurance: Your Trusted Marine Cargo Insurance Partners Throughout Your Global Supply Chain

    JGS Insurance provides the best marine cargo insurance coverage for clients in the global transport industry. Our passionate advocacy and uncompromising integrity have helped us become one of the leading providers of ocean cargo insurance in the United States. We pride ourselves on our professional expertise.

    The Benefits of Ocean Cargo Insurance

    Why do you need ocean cargo insurance? It provides financial coverage in situations where unexpected loss of cargo due to unforeseen circumstances occurs.

    More precisely, comprehensive ocean freight insurance offers:

  • Extensive safeguards on the transportation and warehousing of merchandise transported via the ocean.
  • Tailored rehabilitation programs for both local and global damages.
  • Insurance for any potential harm to goods that may happen during transportation.
  • Extensive safeguarding of merchandise during global transportation and while in storage.
  • However, carriers may not provide adequate coverage for liability under various circumstances, and their liability is usually limited. Nevertheless, the carrier will mistakenly assume that they will reimburse business owners involved in shipping for losses or damage to cargo.

    The only way to ensure reliable financial safety for your business is to purchase ocean cargo insurance policy that would provide adequate funding for a broad range of damage events.

    About Ocean Cargo Insurance

    This subset of insurance provides specific types of coverage unique to the marine shipping industry, protecting your goods from the moment the container shipping leaves the port until it arrives at its destination.

    Why Work with JGS for Ocean Freight Insurance?

    Regardless of the situation, we are available to assist you in establishing a safety net that will provide coverage for you. At JGS Insurance, your reliable insurance ally, ensure that your company possesses sufficient marine cargo insurance to handle unforeseen damages if your business entails importing and exporting by sea.

    When you collaborate with JGS Insurance, your company will gain advantages from:

    In-depth insurance analysis.

    We will analyze your current marine insurance policy, identify any areas with insufficient coverage, and assist you in obtaining comprehensive protection.

    Reduced risk.

    No one can manage every situation, but JGS Insurance can assist you in reducing losses when unexpected events occur.

    Maximum ROI.

    JGS Insurance will assist you in selecting the policy that provides utmost protection for each dollar you invest.

    Comprehensive coverage.

    Many businesses invest thousands of dollars in insurance to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. JGS insurance will only discover specific types of loss between cracks.

    Excellent service.

    We will uphold a significant, personal level of engagement when it comes to obtaining an insurance policy, negotiating a settlement, and filing a claim, both for you and your company.


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