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Sun Life has now become the carrier of platform technology by joining forces with Maxwell Health, which is a means of technology and insurance creation.

What does this mean for you? It means that the single technology platform, which acts as an HR ecosystem, supports and improves all aspects of your benefits process. Picture it as a way to make your HR and benefits experience better, easier, and painless.

Welcome to the way advantages and human resources should be.

  • Benefits for Employers.
  • Importance for Benefits Advisors.
  • Importance for Staff Members.
  • Streamlined administration, year-round

    Benefits and HR is complex enough: your technology solution shouldn’t be. Maxwell helps you…Output: Managing employee benefits and human resources can be quite complicated: your technological solution shouldn’t add to that complexity. Maxwell assists you…

    • Save valuable time by efficiently managing all your benefits online, completely eliminating the need for paper.

    • Update your benefits offering and experience with a user-friendly interface.

    • Enable employees to make informed choices about their perks.

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    Brand advantage and expansion

    Now brokers can Focus on what’s most important – servicing existing clients and selling to new ones. Maxwell helps brokers….Output: Currently, brokers can prioritize what is crucial – providing service to current clients and marketing to potential ones. Maxwell supports brokers…

    • Increase their income and maintain customers.

    • Ensure clients achieve success through comprehensive implementation services.

    • Optimize time by streamlining data collection and processing.

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    All employer-sponsored benefits in one place

    Offer your employees a benefits experience in a digitally accessible manner, allowing them to browse through all the employer-provided benefits conveniently.

    • Gain access to all the perks details on a user-friendly online platform and mobile application accessible at all times.

    • Easily accomplish typical HR duties throughout the year.

    • Enroll in fresh advantages in a convenient manner that aids them understand the importance of those advantages.

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    Technology with a human touch

    Right from the beginning, you are primed for triumph. Accessible to you are our group of technology specialists at Maxwell. Handling your benefits technology shouldn’t be complicated enough. Benefits are.

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    Features you want for the changes you need

    Maxwell offers a variety of efficient and user-friendly resources that can help alleviate the burden of day-to-day benefits administration. Our team is constantly developing new features to address your most recent challenges. Take a look at what’s in store on our Product Roadmap.

    Feature Spotlight: Out-of-Pocket Expense Educator

    Maxwell assists staff members in making connections and enables them to make informed choices regarding benefits.

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    Feature Spotlight: Spanish

    Maxwell’s Spanish language feature assists your staff in navigating, comprehending, and enrolling in benefits.

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    Maxwell simplifies the process of integrating pertinent information regarding benefits into your payroll system.

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    Maxwell’s COBRA event process and downloadable document assist you in effortlessly transmitting data to your COBRA supervisor.

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    HR Management

    Induct new staff members entirely through online means and maintain a centralized employee database for record-keeping purposes.

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    Benefits Administration & Online Enrollment

    Online registration and administrative panels make the process of enrolling in and managing benefits effortless – for both you and your staff.

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    Thanks to our ecosystem partnerships, administrators can sync and stay connected with third-party HR systems, payroll vendors, and insurance carriers, ensuring that information flows smoothly and benefits everyone involved.

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    Create a more flexible and forward-thinking benefits package with additional and unconventional offerings that position you ahead of the competition.

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    Go Mobile

    Access and manage all the great benefits of shopping at Maxwell straight from your phone. Throughout the year, you can easily shop and see the same great information and benefits online.

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    Custom Reporting

    Gain up-to-date knowledge about your staff’s population, salary, and perks data through personalized reporting.

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    Paperless Administration & E-Signature

    Secure electronic form-signing from DocuSign means you can finally say goodbye to that stack of employment and onboarding forms on your desk.

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    Manage Compliance

    Can Maxwell assist in ensuring that insurance carriers securely pass PHI data to meet the regulatory requirements of the ACA during the night? Will you be able to maintain compliance?

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    Complex Benefits

    You can provide your employees with strong benefits without adding administrative effort, so Maxwell supports flexible and complex voluntary benefits! You have covered added-value benefits.

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    See Why Thousands of Companies Can’t Live Without Maxwell

  • Katie Goulden, the Manager of Accounts, has made a huge difference for us by coming through in a really big way. Maxwell, our employee, had a horrible experience and Maxwell ensured that everything was correctly set up to ensure their support. In fact, our client had a completely different system with a ben-admin platform.
  • Foti Robert, the Manager of HR and Finance, has made the process of notifying new providers about changes and enrollments much easier for the employees. Additionally, Health Maxwell has allowed me to feel secure by keeping all the benefit information in one location, eliminating the need to keep multiple files and track all that information.
  • We were also very pleased to see high numbers of employees enrolling in our voluntary offerings, including vision and dental benefits, as well as our medical benefits. Maxwell has greatly simplified our enrollment process and improved communication with employees during enrollment.
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    Maxwell Health has been recognized for its outstanding achievement based on user reviews and feedback in the Benefits Administration category of G2 Crowd.

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