Meet Mildred Patricia Baena, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mistress

  • She was married two times and had an additional relationship with the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • Her relationship with Arnold was revealed in 2011.
  • Mildred has two kids, Joseph Baena and Jackie Rozo.
  • She currently lives in her residence situated in Bakersfield, California, and is pursuing her culinary career.
  • She possesses a net value of $500k.
  • Mildred, a former housekeeper, began her employment at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Brentwood mansion in the early 1990s, and after approximately two decades of dedication, she retired in 2011.

    Following that, Baena is rumored to be engaged in culinary endeavors. She allegedly completed her culinary education in 2017.

    Did Mildred Patricia Baena Have a Relationship with Arnold Schwarzenegger?

    Mildred served as a maid in his grand estate, as the former couple engaged in a passionate romance with one of the most acclaimed actors in Hollywood, Arnold. Mildred was involved in an illicit relationship outside of her marriage.

    In 1996, they clandestinely started seeing each other. During a family vacation of Arnold, they allegedly developed a strong bond, while a significant portion of their illicit relationship remained away from public attention.

    Mildred and Arnold
    Collage picture of Mildred and Arnold.

    During the time when Arnold, her partner, was married to Maria Shriver, Mildred was still in a marital relationship with her second husband, Rogelio de Jesus Baena, when they engaged in a romantic relationship.

    Mildred and Arnold had a Son Joseph in Common

    On October 2, 1997, Joseph, the son of Mildred and Arnold, was welcomed into the world. He was listed as Rogelio’s legal father and Baena’s second husband on their son’s birth certificate, despite the fact that Rogelio was not the biological father and Mildred and Arnold had kept their relationship a secret.

    In 2011, the truth was exposed when Arnold disclosed that he had a child from his extramarital relationship with his housekeeper. Everyone believed that Joseph was Mildred’s son from her subsequent marriage.

    Confidential DNA Test of Mildred’s Son

    Their son, Joseph, was completely conscious of the previous romantic relationships prior to the DNA examination. The biological father of her son was revealed via a clandestine DNA examination that Mildred arranged in 2011. In order to prioritize their son, Schwarzenegger had made multiple covert financial contributions to his significant other.

    Did Arnold Provide Financial Assistance to His Son Joseph?

    Arnold provided financial assistance to Joseph upon learning that he is his son. Throughout his college years, Arnold aided Joseph and informed him that he would cease providing financial support once he completed his college education.

    Joseph with his dad.
    Joseph and his biological father Arnold enjoying their drinks.

    Joseph also expresses gratitude towards his father for supporting him throughout his time in college. He once stated,

    I’m grateful that my dad helped me get through college

    Mildred Patricia Baena Was Married on Two Occasions

    In addition to her highly-publicized relationship with Arnold, Baena had also been married twice. However, both of her marriages are dissolved now.

    Baena’s Former Spouse Humberto Rozo

    Their second daughter, Jackie Rozo, was born in October 1983. Following their wedding in February, they became parents for the first time a year later with the arrival of their oldest son, Jerry Rozo. The couple had gotten married in 1980, and prior to that, she had been married to a man named Humberto Rozo.

    Mildred filed for divorce from her partner in the Superior Court of L.A. On October 31, 1985. However, the marital relationship between Mildred and her first husband started deteriorating after five years.

    Rogelio de Jesus Baena, the Second Husband

    Baena tied the knot with Rogelio de Jesus Baena, a Colombian immigrant, on November 14, 1987, in a stunning wedding location, following her divorce from her initial spouse. At the time of their marriage, Baena was already a mother to three children, two of whom were from her previous partner.

    Engaged in an extramarital relationship, Mildred accepted a position as a housekeeper at Schwarzenegger’s residence, four years after their wedding.

    Baena and Rogelio Ended Their Marriage in 2008

    On February 13, 2008, Mildred initiated legal proceedings to end her marriage with her second partner Rogelio, stating that they could not resolve their differences. As an employee assisting him, Baena was still employed at Arnold’s residence during that period.

    Reports indicate that the two individuals had already separated in October 1997 and only initiated the process of divorce in 2008.

    Is Baena Currently in a Romantic Partnership?

    Alexis was observed holding a ticket in his hand, as Radaronline.Com discovered the couple in Bakersfield, California in 2018. Baena is currently dating a man named Alex Aguiar, indeed.

    Additionally, it has been reported that Alex has been the primary caregiver for her son Joseph.

    She Has Three Kids

    Mildred, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mistress, is the proud mother of three kids. She has two kids from her first husband and now resides in California with her oldest child, Jerry.

    In addition to Arnold, she also has an illegitimate son named Josep. Moreover, there are certain rumors suggesting that Baena had a daughter with her second spouse, Rogelio.

    Joseph with her sister and mother.
    Jospeh’s childhood picture.

    Baena’s Childhood

    She holds Guatemalan citizenship. She is 62 years old. She was born in Guatemala on March 1, 1961, to her mother Pena Evelyn.

    She spent her early years with her sister Miriam Pena. Her alias is ‘Patty’.

    What is the Net Worth of Mildred Patricia Baena?

    As a domestic cleaner, Arnold made $1,000 per week and gave $10,000 to Mildred for child support. Mildred’s approximate net worth is $500k.

    House of Baena

    She currently resides in a house located in Bakersfield. Arnold helped her with the down payment of $65,000, and the house cost $268,000. He made the first payment of $5,000 in April 2010, and two down payments were made by Schwarzenegger as a gift in May 2010.

    Mildred has a home in Bakersfield
    Mildred’s house in Bakersfield.

    She purchased a 2,325-square-foot house with a tile-roofed residence, featuring a detached garage, a pool, two bathrooms, and four bedrooms, by obtaining a $219,000 loan and making an initial down payment of $49,000.