Meghan Trainor says ‘f— teachers,’ apologizes after immense backlash: ‘I got angry’

Meghan Trainor is currently expressing her regret for her impassioned remarks, which were not indicative of how she truly feels. The singer definitively states in a podcast that went viral where she condemned teachers, using expletives, but now she is apologizing for her words.

Riley, her 2-year-old son, Trainor had opted for homeschooling, emphasizing that she is concerned about the current state of school systems in America. She made these remarks while recording an episode of her show “Workin’ on Motherhood” with her brother Ryan and guest Trisha Paytas.

“Forget all that,” Trainor stated. “I was thinking, ‘I possess a bullet-resistant backpack? This is the experience of having a child in an American school. They’re just like everyone on TikTok,” Trainor informed Paytas about the choice to educate at home. Both ladies have gathered millions of supporters on the social networking platform.

When Paytas revealed that she had been harassed by educators during her time as a student, Trainor exclaimed, “screw teachers, dude.”

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Trainor and her husband, “Spy Kids” actor Daryl Sabara, are expecting their second child. Along with their son, Trainor expressed her gratitude for the homeschool teachers she is acquainted with, despite her earlier comment about her son’s education.

“Trainor informed Paytas about her encounter, expressing that there are numerous educators in this area who are extremely pleasant and benevolent and who will visit your residence.” Trainor also proposed that high school students who are homeschooled have greater chances to acquire knowledge about “real-world matters.”

“Let’s protect our children,” Trainor said to Paytas.


The singer Bass received an onslaught of backlash in the comments section of her podcast, “All The,” which was shared and filmed on YouTube.

Person one wrote, “We do not care for our students, and I think people now will not think that teachers are worth it. It makes me sad. Homeschooling is not the most wonderful option for most, but it is a wonderful thing for your child. It is a dangerous job because not many others will do it. We are here to make an impact on our students’ lives. I want all my students to feel loved, supported, and successful. Not all teachers are bad teachers. It’s really disheartening to hear Meghan say that as a teacher.”

“How dare you?!” Another person exclaimed. “You have absolutely no concept of the immense effort we (educators) must exert to attend school and educate individuals in academics, social aptitudes, and emotional growth. We dedicate years to studying the development of children and human psychology. I am utterly astounded.”


Other individuals expressed that they had lost admiration for Trainor following her selection of words.

In the wake of the backlash, Trainor shared an emotional apology on TikTok, clarifying that her words were not intended to attack educators in any way.

Recently, on the podcast “Teachers and TikTok,” I mentioned how shocking and abnormal it is for teachers, especially in America, to have the responsibility of educating children in such a horrific school system. I feel a sense of disbelief and disappointment, as I discuss the topic of sending your child to school in this country.


She continued, “When they raise us, they are literally the most unappreciated and underpaid. I think they have the hardest job. I didn’t mean all teachers, but on that specific day, I got angry at some teachers who bullied me. I knew about my husband’s history with teachers and she knew about my history with teachers. I also heard about it on Trisha Paytas’ podcast.”

She concluded, “Thank you all for helping me blow a kiss to the camera. I am very sorry again. I love you all so much. I will be more careful, as my words could definitely have consequences, and I will remind myself of that. I am very sorry to any teachers who I made feel bad. I am so sorry. I don’t want to make excuses.”