Michelle Obama’s burden — and ours

Do you remember how some people used to talk about Barack Obama’s rise as President with bracing candor, questioning if life in the White House had really become post-racial since Michelle Obama’s openness and the beginning of his term?

When we were at the Colorado Women’s Foundation in Denver, we were advised by the first former lady, who memorably told us how low and insulting it could feel.

Due to my skin tone, there are still individuals who will not perceive me for who I truly am, despite the fact that I dedicated eight years of intense effort to serving this nation. As reported by the Post, she expressed, “The fragments that wounded me the most were the ones that had the intention to harm.” During the conversation with Foundation President and CEO Lauren Casteel, she was asked which of the “falling glass fragments” from the shattered glass ceiling affected her the most as she became the first African American first lady, as stated in The Denver Post.

It is unfortunate that the burden of being an African-American has been unfairly added to the first and only family, making their shots cheap and subject to prejudices. The presidency comes with a set of privileges that are breathtaking for families, but it is true that it also brings along a burden.

The fact that she is also a female makes Michelle Obama an even more appealing target for the most foolish harassment.

According to NBC affiliate WSAZ, Clay Mayor Beverly Whaling responded with approval (“Just brightened up my day Pam.”). Clay County Development Corp. Director Pamela Ramsey Taylor, in West Virginia, referred to her as a “primate in fashionable footwear” in a Facebook post, for instance, as recently as last November. She later vehemently denied being racially prejudiced.

Whaling eventually stepped down and Taylor was dismissed from her job, as reported by The Washington Post.

As reported by The Spokesman-Review of Spokane, Patrick Rushing, the mayor of Airway Heights, Wash., Supposedly confessed to referring to President Barack Obama as “monkey man” and referring to first lady Michelle Obama as “gorilla face” in July of last year. Following this, he resigned from his position a month later, as the City Council demanded his resignation. He faced a comparable outcome.

Michelle Obama’s campaign against obesity, which focused on people’s dietary choices, resulted in her facing criticism regarding her appearance and perceived arrogance. Surprisingly, even New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, of all people, stated that she had “no right to be involved.”

“Be quiet and hand over the bacon!” Michelle, a plump woman, was observed devouring a burger and fries in an animated depiction on conservative Breitbart’s Big Government website. The depiction was even more malicious.

The last year, InfoWars’ Alex Jones claimed that Michelle Obama was secretly a transgender man and Joan Rivers was murdered in a cover-up. The chain emails relayed over bizarre conspiracy theories and urban legends, creating a fog of conspiracy for some people when the real world is not enough.

Give me a rest, okay? It’s not so difficult to rise above when others stoop so low — and continue digging.

Despite the numerous outrages against her, the first lady of this nation resolutely remained upbeat about the opportunity of land.