Milkshake singer Kelis, 43, is dating Ghostbusters actor Bill Murray, 72, after whirlwind romance

In London over the past weekend, the actor from Ghostbusters, who is 72 years old, observed the performance of the mother of three, aged 43, from the side of the stage. He had also been seen at her other recent performances.

Backstage buddies Kelis and Bill Murray after her gig last weekend
The Ghostbusters actor watched Kelis perform from the side of the stage in London last weekendCredit: Kobal Collection
Kelis shot to fame with hits like Milkshake and I Hate You So Much Right NowCredit: Getty

According to sources, the pair have been getting close while attending their first meeting in the US. They were also together at the same hotel.

Allegedly, a bond has been established between them ever since Kelis’s second partner passed away in March of the previous year, whereas Bill’s estranged partner passed away in 2021.

Bill, a father with six children, was photographed during Kelis’s performance at the Mighty Hoopla festival in Brockwell Park, South London.

The duo also took a cozy photo backstage.

“They have obviously formed a connection. Both of them are currently in London, having previously met in the United States, which has sparked conversation among individuals in the industry. A friend has now confirmed that they have reunited.”

“Prior to attending Mighty Hoopla, he had witnessed her performance on multiple occasions and they were spotted together at the identical hotel.”

“However, they have both experienced recent losses and share a common connection.”

Despite their fairly big age gap, they are both single and seem to be having fun. However, it is unlikely that whatever has brought them together.

Kelis performed her major hit, along with Trick Me, Bossy, and Millionaire, which includes a series of songs, featuring the line: ‘My milkshake attracts all the males to the vicinity.’ Bill witnessed the performance.

He is currently filming a sequel in London to the classic Ghostbusters franchise, in which he reprised his role as Peter Venkman, alongside many of the original cast from the 1984 blockbuster.

During their marriage, Jennifer Butler accused her second husband, Off-screen, of infidelity as well as struggles with alcohol and marijuana addiction, as well as domestic abuse.

In 2008, the costume designer initiated divorce proceedings, but prior to her passing in 2021, it is believed that the couple maintained communication.

Meanwhile, New York-born Kelis accused her first husband, hip hop mogul Nas, of physically and ­mentally abusing her throughout their five-year marriage.

She initiated the process of divorce in 2009 while she was seven months pregnant with their son.

Kelis later clarified: “It was extremely dim. There was a substantial amount of alcohol consumption.

There was a significant amount of both mental and physical mistreatment. Moreover, if I had not become pregnant, I would most likely have decided to leave, as it is a blessing from God. The reason for my decision is that we were married and I truly loved him.

Her second spouse Mike Mora passed away from gastric cancer at the age of 37 last year.

Kelis and Bill’s surprising union arises when Al Pacino, an 83-year-old film icon, is eagerly awaiting the arrival of a child with his 29-year-old companion, Noor Alfallah.

The celebrated Hollywood legend Robert De Niro has recently revealed that he has embraced fatherhood once again at the remarkable age of 79.

Representatives for Bill and Kelis declined to provide a comment.