MillerKnoll CEO faces backlash for telling employees not to ask about bonuses: ‘Leave pity city’

MillerKnoll CEO Andi Owen is facing backlash after telling her employees to “leave pity city” after they raised concerns about getting bonuses.

“During a 75-minute Zoom call last month, Owen said that she wanted to address concerns of her staff and emphasized the importance of staying motivated in order to receive a bonus.”

Owen, who has been leading the company since 2018, encouraged the staff to persevere and not be concerned about the possible reduction in a bonus amidst the unstable economic conditions, as revealed in a segment of the call that was shared on social media.

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During the Zoom call, Owen exclaimed, “Acquire the darn $26 million. Don’t inquire about, ‘What are we going to do if we don’t receive a bonus?'” She further stated, “Understand? Devote your time and energy pondering the $26 million we require and not contemplating what you will do if we don’t obtain a bonus.”

Owen informed the members of the staff that they should concentrate on the things they have the ability to manage.

She went on, “show respect, show kindness, treat one another with care, ensure efficient delivery of our orders, offer the highest level of customer service possible, maintain a strong presence with our customers. However, none of us could have foreseen the collapse of banks, the disruptions in the supply chain, or the emergence of COVID.”

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I had an old boss who said to me, “You can visit the city, but you can’t live there. It’s a pity that people have to leave the city, but that’s how it is.” Towards the end of the clip, he mentioned it to me once.

By 10 a.M. On Tuesday, the phone conversation, lasting approximately one minute and 20 seconds, became immensely popular on Twitter and has already accumulated more than 8 million views. A single snippet of the conversation.

Concerning updates on business affairs, product introductions, and promotional initiatives, a representative from MillerKnoll informed FOX Business that the brief video was taken out of context from a 75-minute corporate gathering.

Our CEO strongly believes in what we can achieve together and how our company finished the financial year. “A 90-second clip from an internal meeting loses the broader context of the discussion,” stated the spokesperson.

Enraged users on social media highlighted the paradox of her speech considering Owen’s basic salary and bonus based on performance.

As per the documents submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission, Owen earned over $4.9 million in overall remuneration during the fiscal year that concluded on May 28, 2022, encompassing a performance-related bonus of $1.29 million.


The company informed FOX Business that bonuses for this year have not been determined for any individual within the organization.

The spokesperson stated, “Bonuses for anyone at MillerKnoll have been decided, no.” “Our Bonuses are set by the full financial year results of the company, and it’s at the end of our fiscal year in May when it closes.”

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