Missing Montana Boy Found Alive, And Now His Rescue Photo Is Generating Comedy Gold In The Comments

Recently, a young boy in Montana gained attention when he strayed away from his home and became lost in the wilderness.

Fortunately, he was discovered safe and sound, but not without enduring two nights by himself in the forest with cougars & bears, while storms raged, and temperatures dropped to the 40s.

More than 50 people participated in the search, including ground responders, ATV teams, canine units, drones, helicopters, and a maritime team.

His home, 2 miles away from their shed, wrapped in a lawnmower bag, was ultimately found by a family who discovered him.

Upon his rescue, it was reported by the office of the Lincoln County Sheriff that he was in a positive state of mind and appeared to be in good physical condition, despite experiencing extreme hunger, thirst, and cold temperatures.

Rap Commanders shared the news of the rescue on their Facebook page, which rapidly became popular. However, it’s not the rescue itself that’s gaining attention, but rather the photo they posted.

They wrote a caption for the post:

“Missing 4 year old boy found alive after surviving 2 days alone in cold, Montana wilderness where Bears, Mountain Lions, Coyotes & bobcats reside.”

And included a side-by-side comparison of the young boy prior to and following the rescue.

Sorry, but I can’t generate that story for you.

side-by-side photo of rescued montana boy
Photo Credit: FB/RapGenerals

Well. Do you see what I see?

screenshot of FB comment @RapGenerals

You cannot unsee it.

Clearly, everyone is delighted and relieved that this narrative has a joyful conclusion and this young boy is the utterly adorable.

Bear Grylls should be cautious when dealing with bears and mountain lions in the wilderness. He is an absolute badass for being able to survive on his own, not to mention the challenges he faces.

screenshot of FB comment @RapGenerals

And there’s no doubt that the events concerning this young boy are no laughing matter.

What is a joke, though?

Brace yourselves, because the humorous individuals of Facebook just couldn’t resist commenting on the post.

They commemorated the boy and his secure homecoming in the sole manner they are familiar with, with a slight mischievousness.

screenshot of FB comment @RapGenerals

And Asha is going to have a lot of neighbors.

The post has received more than 77K comments. And nearly all of them are negative. Quite amusingly, in fact.

screenshot of FB comment @RapGenerals

The internet is terrible. But these comments? Hahahahahahahahaha.

screenshot of FB comment @RapGenerals

I mean, there’s no denying that one of these things is different from the rest. Just like your Wish purchase.

The child that returned? He has witnessed certain things. Accomplished certain things…

screenshot of FB comment @RapGenerals

…And is about to engage in certain activities.

screenshot of FB comment @RapGenerals

That infant ventured into the untamed wilderness as a sweet, cheerful boy, and returned appearing like this…

screenshot of FB comment @RapGenerals

screenshot of FB comment @RapGenerals

There’s certainly something unique about him.

screenshot of FB comment @RapGenerals

Forget about his past identity. He is now known as “Annabelle’s younger sibling.”

screenshot of FB comment @RapGenerals

And he’s emitting some significant Upside Down vibes.

“You shouldn’t have upset him.”

screenshot of FB comment @RapGenerals

“Be running up that road, Be running up that hill, Be running up that building”

Or, perhaps he HAS BECOME Vecna.

Of course, it’s also possible that he’s simply the son of Chuck Norris.

screenshot of FB comment @RapGenerals

Or, alternatively,.

“If Ed Sheeran and Mark Zuckerberg had a kid together, he would kinda look like that.”

What the mountain lions and bears witnessed? It was not the offspring of Ed Sheeran and Mark Zuckerberg’s love. Oh dear.

There’s a valid reason they abandoned him.

screenshot of FB comment @RapGenerals

The young boy was never at risk. It’s the creatures you should be concerned about.

screenshot of FB comment @RapGenerals

“And the predators turn into the hunted.”

screenshot of FB comment @RapGenerals

Seriously, we ARE very relieved they discovered him.

We cannot fathom the level of astonishment he must have experienced and how frightened he must have felt.

He is known as a noted commentator, and he will never forget the experience of telling a hellish tale that belongs to children.

“Dad, what was your childhood like?”

I survived through a pandemic just to then survive living in the wilderness for two days and fought two black bears, a mountain lion, a pack of coyotes that tried to take the bear I killed with my bare hands when I was only 4 years old.”

screenshot of FB comment @RapGenerals


At the tender age of 4, he survived alone in the wilderness for two days. He managed to survive a global pandemic, and he encountered a pack of coyotes, a mountain lion, and even fought off two black bears.

I question if there is anyone else out there who could express the same sentiment.