Missouri man accused of deliberately crashing U-Haul truck into security barrier near White House

In Washington, a man from Missouri flew to Washington, D.C., Where he rented a U-Haul truck and drove straight into a security barrier at the White House. This incident occurred as part of a six-month plan to seize “power,” according to authorities. Additionally, it marked the culmination of waving a Nazi flag around on Tuesday.

Kandula Varshith Sai, who quickly arrested, was seen by a U.S. Park Police officer rushing to the scene of the crash and removing the flag from a backpack shortly after smashing the truck box into the barrier near the north side of Lafayette Square around 10 p.M. On Monday.

Agents from the Secret Service later informed Kandula that after months of planning, Louis St. Had flown on a one-way ticket. He revealed his intention to take charge of the nation and seize power at the White House, stating that he wanted to “get to” the president and if necessary, even kill him.

Kandula, who is from the suburb of Chesterfield in St. Louis, Missouri, said he bought the online flag because he admires the “history” of the Nazis, their authoritarian nature, and their order in the world, including eugenics.

No individuals were harmed in the collision. No explosive devices or firearms were discovered in the vehicle or on Kandula.

U-Haul stated that there were no warning signs on his rental history that would have hindered the agreement, and individuals can lease a truck from U-Haul at 18 years old. The organization mentioned that Kandula rented the U-Haul in Herndon, Virginia, and possessed a legitimate agreement in his personal name.

According to witness Chris Zaboji, the driver collided with the barrier on two occasions. The U-Haul truck was responsible for the collision, and Zaboji, a 25-year-old pilot residing in Washington, witnessed the incident near Lafayette Square when he heard a loud crash. Prior to the arrival of sirens, Zaboji quickly took out his phone and recorded the moment the truck collided with the barrier once more.

He declared that after the van backed up and crashed into it again, he decided that he desired to depart from that location.

After the crash, a police officer picked up and documented a Nazi flag, along with various items from the truck, at the scene, as seen in a video shared by WUSA-TV. Following the incident, officers from the Secret Service and the Metropolitan Police Department conducted a thorough search of the truck.

Kandula was apprehended on numerous allegations, and prosecutors accused him of vandalizing American assets.

Jean-Pierre Karine, the White House Police press secretary, said that Biden was briefed on the Tuesday morning crash by the Secret Service.

If the president had been threatened, or if Kandula’s involvement was clear on their radar, the U.S. Secret Service monitors hundreds of people who have made threats to the president.

Efforts by The Associated Press to contact relatives who could speak on behalf of Kandula on Tuesday were not immediately successful. Multiple telephone numbers listed under his surname in public records were found to be out of service, and there was no attorney listed for him in court records. Additionally, an AP reporter did not engage in conversation with individuals at a Missouri residence associated with Kandula.

When Kandula drove onto the sidewalk, he sent multiple people running, perhaps offering the best view of the White House from Lafayette Square, and the barrier.

The square has also long been one of the most prominent venues in the nation. After the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the height of nationwide protests over policing, the park was closed for nearly a year and fenced off by federal authorities. It was reopened in May 2021.