MobiFone and the 30-year journey: Transformation to breakthrough

After three decades, from a telecommunications company with nationwide coverage, MobiFone has transformed itself into a technology enterprise, providing the nation’s leading digital infrastructure and building building a digital society in Vietnam.

Digital transformation has been going on for a long time in Vietnam, but there are still many opportunities and potentials for new companies to enter, especially in the technology sector.

The telecommunications market so far has undergone two innovations, the first one is switching from analog technology to digital technology, the second one is moving from telecommunications infrastructure to digital infrastructure and from infrastructure to digital technology. communication infrastructure to digital economy infrastructure (digital economy development infrastructure).

This requires telecommunications businesses in general and MobiFone in particular to position themselves, promote their existing strengths and continue to develop on the road ahead.

Reality and aspiration to promote MobiFone’s transformation

In fact, the telecommunications market has entered a period of saturation. The revenue of the whole telecommunications industry in the first half of 2022 increased by only 0.6% compared to the same period last year. Vietnam currently has 127 million mobile subscribers per 100 million people.

Fierce competition has pushed freight rates down, reducing profitability. Users are also gradually switching to the Internet connection method, less habit of texting SMS or making regular phone calls. Moreover, over 90% of the market share currently belongs to the three largest carriers, including MobiFone, which means that there is still room for expansion, but it is difficult to develop a breakthrough.

On a global scale, the industrial revolution 4.0 is driving the explosion of the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, especially artificial intelligence. Digital technology offers many opportunities for breakthroughs in products and services, improving production processes, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

MobiFone said that it always wants to bring new solutions to customers and lead the market. With that aspiration, MobiFone decided to transform itself into a technology enterprise, actively participating in the implementation of the national strategy of developing information and digital infrastructure, ensuring network information security and national programs. on improving the capacity of independence, self-reliance and self-reliance of Vietnamese manufacturing until 2045 (Make in Vietnam 2045).

Optimize conversions

MobiFone shared that businesses realize that in order for the conversion to be smooth and successful, the first and foremost factor is people. Over the past three decades, the enterprise has created a creative working environment, professional, visionary, dynamic staff that quickly adapt to changes in technology and the market.

A representative of MobiFone expressed: “MobiFone focuses on building platforms, tools to help its officers and employees have more space to be creative, create a better working environment to help improve their performance. work efficiency and improve the internal customer experience. With the spirit of speed – innovation, each person of MobiFone always promotes the core value of professionalism – efficiency as a guideline for all actions.”

MobiFone said it also innovates ways, optimizes operations to achieve maximum business efficiency, applies internal technology to optimize processes, reduce costs and increase productivity. The company plans to strengthen cooperation with companies and organizations in the technology industry to understand and take advantage of new opportunities, contributing to promoting the development of Vietnam’s technology industry.
Simultaneously, MobiFone spends a part of its annual profit on R&D – researching and developing new technologies, focusing on developing high-quality technology products and services, providing customers with effective solutions. efficiency, utility and meeting the needs of the market.

Conversion strategy

As an infrastructure enterprise, when moving from telecommunications infrastructure to digital infrastructure (including universal broadband telecommunications infrastructure, cloud computing infrastructure and digital technology infrastructure), MobiFone always strives to maintaining its position as one of the top 3 digital infrastructure companies in Vietnam.
In the context that the telecommunications market is gradually saturated and increasingly difficult, MobiFone proposes a plan to “keep telecommunications – attack new space”. Based on 5 main pillars of “Customers – Products – Technology – Operations – Capabilities”, MobiFone sets specific goals until 2025 to rapidly develop new digital products and services in addition to telecommunications. such as: digital infrastructure business, providing digital platforms/solutions – digital content; building a more and more complete MobiFone digital ecosystem.

It is expected that new digital services will account for 27% of total revenue by 2025 such as youth brands, digital content, digital payment, digital advertising, online games, digital health, cloud services, security security, information security, digital education, IoT. In particular, the fields of digital education and digital health will tend to contribute more and more revenue to businesses.

A representative of MobiFone said: “MobiFone is investing heavily in new development areas of mobile connectivity, enterprise information technology solutions and digital services. Up to now, MobiFone has built a digital ecosystem with solutions for digital education mobiEdu, smart radio, digital health, digital finance (MobiFone Money ecosystem includes e-wallets and money) electronic) and paperless Smart Office… not only meet the needs of the majority of people, but also contribute to promoting the national digital transformation process and keeping up with the global digitalization trend”.

With the statement “Lifting life – Maximizing Life”, MobiFone said that it is strongly transforming to embrace technology, meet and create needs in the digital economy and digital life of customers; providing a variety of services, meeting increasingly diverse needs, creating platforms and tools to help customers have more space to be creative.

Besides, the complete ecosystem will help save time, costs, limit negatives, improve operational efficiency for businesses; at the same time, bringing convenience, improving customer experience, and looking to the digital future for all individual and corporate customers of MobiFone.

On the transition from a traditional telecommunications business to a technology enterprise, MobiFone always sets out appropriate medium and long-term goals for each period; implementing medium-term plans, model projects, restructuring in all aspects of organization, personnel and administration; continue to implement deep and wide digital transformation, creating motivation for the development of business, technical and investment fields.

In the spirit of promoting the core strength of providing telecommunications infrastructure, promoting the development of digital infrastructure, fully exploiting the power of technology, optimizing resources, deploying business models in a fast direction, In the coming time, MobiFone said that it will focus on investing in developing and trading new technology platforms, exploiting technology as a service. a service) to improve the quality of life, enrich the user’s experience.