Mon Laferte se casó con Joel Orta, el padre de su hijo: “Hasta el infinito y más allá”

Recently, Mon Laferte surprised her fans with the news of her marriage to Joel Orta, a Chilean who became a Mexican citizen a few months ago, by sharing some romantic photos of their wedding on social media.

Joel Orta, who has worked as a musician and is now the production manager for his wife’s concerts, has also been a life partner in their marriage, sharing heartwarming postcards with their nearly 4 million followers on his Instagram account. On the night of Friday, October 21st, during the performance of his interpreter, “Amárrame, querer de falta Tu,” it was a complete Love and good love My.

Mon Laferte wore a classic black suit with a bowtie that was accompanied by a black boutonniere. Her veil was so long that it formed part of the train of her garment; in addition, there were some transparencies from her chest to her arms, giving a traditional and romantic touch to the piece. She also wore a spectacular white dress with lace in the corset, looking stunning.

The first photo in which the loving couple can be seen entering the garden where the wedding was celebrated. Both were captured very happy and smiling in this great step in their lives. Although there is no audio to perceive a romantic atmosphere, the following image touched all the fans of the singer, as it belongs to the couple’s first dance. They were carried away by the music and the warm light, leaving a romantic atmosphere.

“Until infinity and beyond,” Joel loves you, I accept. He took advantage of his announcement on social networks to dedicate heartfelt words to his wife, but the Chilean interpreter La did not share more details about his marriage.

Many others, including Trevi, Gloria and Favela, Adriel, García Kany, Sariñana Ximena, Cazzu, and Belinda, as such, their presence highlighted the comments of some singer colleagues and famous people. Joel, their son’s name, decided to take the next step in their relationship, and both Laferte Mon and their fans were ecstatic with hundreds of congratulations filled in their post.

“There were some reactions”, “how happy this photo makes me”, “Congratulations and long live LOVE!”, “What a beauty Mon!!”, “Infinite love for you guys”, “I’m going to faint”, “God bless you always!!!!”, “Oh, how wonderful!!!!!”, “Long live love”, “White and radiant goes the bride, both beautiful!”, “The best in the universe for both of you”, “Ayyyyy how happy”, “Love, love and more love for both of you”, “How beautiful”, “congratulations dear Mon!”, “I’m dyinggggg, congratulations”.

In 2019, the Chilean interpreter began her relationship with the Mexican band Celofán, where she also works as the vocalist and guitarist. She is grateful for her first photo together, which she knows is posted on social media. She is uncertain about when their relationship started, but she knows that she also works with her husband, who is part of the Mexican band Celofán.

Since then, the lovers often post selfies together and on rare occasions have shown their baby.