Moon Pod Review: A bean bag on steroids… or a bag o’ beans?

Moon Pod Review: The Moon Pod is an enhanced bean bag. It asserts to provide unmatched support and adaptable versatility.

Revised in March 2024: Included additional information regarding the Moon Pod Lunar Lift and Moon Pod 4D Pillow and their durability.

We tried to use MoonPod, a great alternative bean bag, to love our kids and meditate around the house. As we were remodeling our house, we found it quite useful. We put it to the ultimate test. Can this claim by MoonPod truly help relieve stress?

Throughout the procedure, we acquired knowledge about what it is not intended for, for whom it is not intended, and for whom this elevated chair prioritizing ergonomic assistance is designed.

Moon Pod Review: A bean bag on steroids… or a bag o’ beans?
Not just a bean bag or a bean bag chair.

The Pod is different than my Chair Bag of youth, with lumpy spots and sticky vinyl surfaces, covering up the holes with Dutch tape, staying upright for only a few minutes and in an even more odd shape.

If it’s not a bean bag, what else could it be?

The LoveSac is not excessively large like the MoonPod, but it has a bean-like shape (instead of being filled with beans) and combines elements of traditional bean bags and oversized bean bags.

The old Pod began on Kickstarter, and they reached their objective in a short period.

What Sets the Moon Pod Apart?

Moonpod, which is filled with high-density responsive beads, mimics the sensations of Flotation Therapy, known to help reduce levels of anxiety and stress.

The double shell membrane offers a gentle and flexible, yet supportive framework designed to adapt to any body form and motion.

Moon asserts, “with unrivaled support and versatile adaptability, the Pod can help alleviate back and neck discomfort while you unwind.”

It is also lightweight.

The Pod is only 12 pounds in weight, which makes it extremely convenient to transport effortlessly between rooms.

What are Moon Pods filled with? As stated on Moon Pod’s website, “high-friction custom beads.”.

These Claims Pod Moon rub against each other, making the Styrofoam beans inside the chair bag feel fluffy and super small, like little beans. However, this does not make the chair the best space to age a bean bag.

How can the Moon Pod be utilized?

Regarding this matter, and that’s essentially all there is to it, consider engaging in meditation (or even practicing the Wim Hof Method Breathing) to take a break. Initially, we expected the moonpod to remain solely in Mr. We Tried It’s home office, but we were pleasantly surprised by how extensively we ended up utilizing it, to be completely honest.

However, it transformed into something much greater. Something that we utilize numerous times within a single day.

The Top User: Mr. Winnie (our Canine Companion)

Mr. Winnie is our canine companion and he’s quite lethargic.

If there isn’t a person laying or sitting on the Moon Pod, there’s a good chance Mr. Winnie will be on it. That’s why he loves the Pod Moon.

He settles himself on the MoonPod and patiently waits for the opportune moment. Conversely, he declines to rest on the luxurious dog bed designated for the home office, despite us purchasing it for him last Christmas.

The Second Utilization: Conveniently Portable Seat

When we first got MoonPod, we were in the middle of some home renovation projects, and we sold some of our furniture in the empty rooms.

No furnishings? No issue with the Moon Pod!

For viewing television or watching films, or simply for a more comfortable area to unwind, we relocated this portable pod from one room to another as required.

Is it even better to pair our Gravity Blanket with the Moon Pod because it is extremely light and very easy to move around, making it the ultimate relaxation blanket to learn all about? (Read our review of Gravity Blanket)

The Third Application: The Purpose We Initially Intended to Use It For

He rarely uses his desk to sit and work. But that’s where the Moon Pod comes in handy. We got the Moon Pod as a piece for both home and office use.

The chairs in the bag look a lot better than the old-school bean bag. Plus, it’s nice when he just wants to relax for a second or take a break from conference calls. However,

Moon Pods Assertions: We Evaluate the Assertions

Moon Pod makes some bold assertions in their advertising. Let’s put them to the test promptly.

“Sensation of Weightlessness”

Honestly, we didn’t feel as though it was completely devoid of gravity or like a magical chair that alleviates anxiety.

Although not possessing antigravity capabilities, the Moon Pod provides a sensation akin to a sophisticated bean bag. It was not uncomfortable by any means, but that does not imply it was comfortable either.

Conventional bean bags do not resemble my expectations. However, (I assume it is all about experiencing a sensation of weightlessness), I am unsure of the actual sensation of anti-gravity.

Simple to maintain

The Moon Pod is prone to getting dirty quite easily, particularly when the dog utilizes it most of the time. Its exposure to the floor contributes to its dirtiness.

It is good news that it comes with a washable cover. Instead of using low heat to hang dry, it is even better to use low tumble dry and cold water in the washing machine.

It also assists in simply employing a lint roller on the Moon Pod to clean specific spots.

Sustains itself

This is one aspect where the Moon Pod seems to be enchanting, but actually isn’t.

We discovered a lot more assistance. Frankly, when we desire to utilize the Moon pod in a seated posture, we position it against a wall.

If we want it to stand upright against the wall, we can simply put it there. However, it won’t last forever, so we should avoid sitting on it all the time to prevent it from losing its fluffiness. Instead, if you use the Pod and sit on it, the Pod will re-fluff every time.

The essential accessory, that should not be discretionary: Lunar Elevate

I adored the moon pod once I acquired the Lunar Lift. However, prior to obtaining the Lunar Lift, I genuinely enjoyed, to be frank, the Moon Pod.

The Moonrise

Why is it necessary for every Moon Pod to include the Lunar Lift as a standard feature? We firmly believe that this should be a mandatory addition, especially considering the recent introduction of this incredible accessory.

It’s worth the additional cost, trust us. However, using the Pod Moon before was a real game-changer, I really enjoyed experiencing “zero gravity”. It completes the overall experience of the Pod Moon.

One cool thing about it is that it is much easier to use than something similar or a pillow, as it is specifically designed to perfectly align with the bottom of the Moon Pod.

Haha! My dog also enjoys sleeping on the Moon Pod, so he doesn’t disturb the Lift Lunar that takes up the entire space. Bonus!

Another Essential Accessory: 4D Pillow

Moon Pod Review: A bean bag on steroids… or a bag o’ beans?

It appeared large, it simply resembled the Crescent, I had no intention to explore the Crescent – a combination arm/head rest that is quite sizable, as you will observe later, Moon Pod also produces.

Recently, I had the opportunity to test out the new brand, 4D Pillow, which is filled with the same Microbeads as the Pd Moon products, but it is more compact in size.

This pillow is designed for use on the Moon in portable situations, so I won’t make the same mistake again.

Additional Moon Pod Merchandise

Moon Pod not only manufactures the original Moon Pod but also offers a range of excellent accessories and other products.

Super Lunar Cushion

The Super Moon Pod is twice the dimensions of a standard moon pod.

Customers must assemble this product since it is too big for traditional carriers, but they will be rewarded with a stretchy and ultra-supportive cushion that can cover the inside of two pods.

Just unzip the outer cover and place the two inner compartments inside. Zip it back up and unwind.

It’s that simple!

An Excellent Addition: The Half-Moon

The Crescent, known as Moon Pod’s closest companion, is highly regarded by Moon Pod.

The Crescent is basically an airplane neck cushion and arm support created to be positioned at the top of the Moon Pod.

“We don’t have the Crescent because we like the simplicity of just having the Moon Pod itself, without worrying about bringing different accessories along with it. This would certainly help in making it easier to sit upright in the Moon Pod.”

Alternate Covers

Let’s say you want to change the look of your Pod – the covers that are uniquely engineered to fit the Moon Pod perfectly also sell new colors ranging from cosmic ash to indigo moon. (Notice the space theme?)

Even a washable outdoor covering

However, that’s alright, I’m uncertain if I would feel self-assured using it outdoors. Our sole objection is that it is slightly pricey: $99. They even provide an outdoor casing if you intend to utilize this in an open-air setting.

If you’re looking for top-quality outdoor furniture, take a look at our Outer Review.

Moon Pod Review: Let’s discuss the cost

We understand it. When it comes to using your product, whether it’s reading a book, watching TV, or playing video games, a bean bag is a great option, especially considering its affordable price of $299. We are not going to deceive you.

However, the Moon Pod is significantly more affordable than a similar LoveSac – and much more convenient to carry around.

We actually preferred the “high-resistance custom beads” that were inside the Pod rather than the LoveSav.

LoveSac versus Moon Pod

Although it may have sounded unpleasant, a LoveSac was not as challenging to clarify as it seemed a little inappropriate. The main issue was its immense size, which is why we decided to part ways with it. We can speak from experience as we previously owned a sizable LoveSac.

Often, it is necessary to fluff and reshape the LoveSac, which may sound unappealing, in order to make it softer and eliminate any lumps. The inside of the LoveSac is filled with a foam material that provides a comfortable and cozy experience. Additionally, the LoveSac can be quite cumbersome to move around as it is both hard and heavy.

Considering all factors, I would unequivocally opt for a Moon Pod, specifically the original Moon Pod size, instead of the LoveSac.

Moon Pod: The Ultimate Conclusion

For our part, the cost of the moon pod is undeniably justified. However, we frequently utilize this convenient small seat to such an extent that the price of the moon pod initially caused significant worry. Frankly, we were taken aback by the extent to which we made use of the Moon Pod.

This could potentially be the solution, if you require an item to utilize as interim furnishings during your renovation project (or even long-lasting furnishings once everything is completed), but it’s quite expensive – precisely $299. We firmly believe that this is one of those uncommon items that you cannot do without after experiencing it for a few weeks in various rooms of our house, but we initially had doubts about the Moon Pod.

It will provide you with a cozy spot to sit for long periods of time. It won’t give you the sensation of being in a spa and it’s not a weightless contraption, so don’t anticipate any extraordinary results from the Moon Pod.

The greatest aspect? You’ll save 25% on your purchase by clicking through from our website!

Where can I purchase a Moon Pod?

Despite the fact that it seems possible to purchase Moon Pod at Walmart, I would not recommend buying this product from Wal-Mart.

I haven’t been able to locate moon pod in retail establishments, or the zero gravity bean bag amazon accessible, either.

As you have noticed from our detailed moon pod evaluation, this item, when used correctly, is deserving of the cost associated with the moon pod.