Moving up in Three Simple Steps: The Moms on Call 8-16 Week Schedule

The infant’s sleep transition is a significant worry, and one of our most commonly asked queries relates to the 8-16 week timetable and progression. We are available to assist with the adaptation and guide you effortlessly through it, as some caregivers may perceive advancing in schedules as a hindrance.

The infant, who is in good health and experiencing weight gain, can begin to move around at approximately 6-8 weeks of age if you adhere to the Moms on Call 4-8 week timetable!

If you are a mom starting between weeks 6 and 8 of age and want to get back to the basics of gaining a healthy weight, Call’s On Moms provides techniques and schedules to follow during weeks 8-16 of the program.

  • The infant is in good health and experiencing steady weight gain!
  • Waking up in the middle of the night is later than usual (around 4 am).
  • The duration of nap time starts to decrease, and the infant has a greater amount of alert/awake time throughout the day.
  • Exciting achievements for hooray! The baby is actually getting more sleep, thanks to going to bed earlier. We have discovered that it does not change the sleep pattern, so we invite Moms to share their experiences. Moving the baby’s bedtime earlier results in them getting up earlier.

    Follow along with our three simple steps to moving up, and your little one (and you) will be sleeping and dreaming longer before you know it!

  • Check and perfect our miracle sleep trick! Watch the swaddle video here to get the swaddle just right and tight, tight, tight!
  • The calming routines start before your baby’s fussy moments between 6 to 4 minutes. This can be extended based on what is best for your family’s well-being. To assist your baby in getting closer to you, consider taking online courses and following the instructions in the book.
  • Stay positive, and the infant will follow! Remember that adaptations usually take 3-5 days.
  • Transitioning Early?


  • If you can manage to stay awake for approximately 45-60 minutes from the beginning of the meal until nap time.
  • If your young child is irritable in the evening or you struggle to wake them up from their late evening nap.
  • The duration of nighttime sleep stretches decreases.
  • Fits your home perfectly.
  • Here are a few tips to help with this “Transitional Routine.”

  • It is possible that they won’t manage to remain alert for the entire duration. It is permissible to commence the nap 15-30 minutes prior to the specified time.
  • They may nap for brief periods during their “Awake” period.
  • You may discover that you are utilizing your “Grace Periods” more frequently than not.
  • Example:

  • Feed at 7 am.
  • Begin the pre-nap routine at 8 am.
  • 8:15 am Resting for a nap.
  • 9:45/10 am Meal.
  • Consistency and adaptability benefit your family with schedules. You’ve got this; dive straight in! Infectious is our assurance, remember.