MrBeast Calls Out Transphobic Backlash to Chris Tyson’s Hormone Therapy

Recently, creators and fans of Chris Tyson, also known as MrBeast, on YouTube, are not happy with what he revealed about his longtime friend, Jimmy Donaldson, stating that they are exploring their gender identity and receiving hormone therapy. They’re one of the biggest stars on the platform.

This minute-nine segment has already received more than 100,000 upvotes, and it has been out for less than a day. MrBeast’s channel, known for creating content about the downfall of various internet figures, has 3.4 million subscribers. The increasing feminine appearance of Windross, whose real name is Lachlan Windross, may erode the popularity of the channel. In a video titled “Why Chris Will Soon Be a Nightmare For MrBeast,” SunnyV2, an Australian YouTuber whose real name is Tyson Windross and who appears in many of Windross’ videos, responded to the backlash they have received for their gender-affirming care.

It’s disgusting to begin with, this transphobia. There are fine things and my friend, he’s not my ‘nightmare’ by any means, Chris isn’t. This is incredibly ridiculous, indeed. Donaldson tweeted, responding to another critical YouTuber’s video of Windross on Twitter.

Donaldson, positioned as a major philanthropist, frequently involves himself in cash giveaways through videos, aiming to provide aid to trans people in need and advance the cause of trans rights. Some called upon him to use his platform more to address transphobia, while others praised his efforts. A representative for Donaldson did not immediately comment on the request for a return. Donaldson has actively denounced transphobic commentary on social media and it appears to be the first time that he publicly supported Tyson’s journey about gender, along with other members of MrBeast’s team.

Tyson took on the task of comparing Hollywood’s new look at LGBT inclusion in movies, pointing out that the creator of TikTok, who is nonbinary, had previously been misgendered. He also directed a segment spotlighting a number of transphobic tweets by Donaldson, believing that it will ruin his brand. Tyson repeats some unfounded claims from MrBeast’s fans who openly resent his new gender presentation, which may have an impact on the overall dynamic of the team. On TikTok and Twitter, Tyson’s analysis of how Tyson came to start appearing more feminine and taking hormones has amassed millions of likes.

Since 2022, the couple has been estranged, while Tyson has directly responded to transphobic allegations — some of which were mentioned in Windross’ video — claiming that his gender expression had in any way influenced his co-parenting of his young son with his wife Katie.

In the war culture of Donaldson, even a simple failure may turn out to be too significant. The recent video titled “Ticket Plane $500,000 vs. $1” has accumulated a staggering 109 million views, and MrBeast’s channel still boasts an impressive 145 million subscribers. Despite the overwhelming negativity directed towards Tyson, it doesn’t appear that the channel is suffering much damage.