Muere Julián Figueroa, hijo de Joan Sebastian y Maribel Guardia. Recordamos su vida en fotos

In his house in Mexico City, the young man was found lifeless. Julián Figueroa, son of Joan Sebastian and Maribel Guardia, passed away on the night of April 8th at the age of 27.

According to the official report, he died from a severe heart attack and there were no signs of violence. However, there is a lack of additional information.

The body of the young person was taken to a funeral home where it will be velated during Monday, and the remains will be cremated afterwards.

Maribel’s own son and wife, who lived with the young Maribel, requested and confirmed the news out of respect and privacy during this difficult time. The funeral procession of Maribel left the house of the Maribel Guardia.

Maribel penned, ‘Ventricular fibrillation and sudden heart attack led to his demise, as indicated in the medical document. He was discovered unconscious tonight in his chamber while I was at the theater. The emergency vehicle and law enforcement arrived upon dialing 911, and they discovered him motionless, devoid of any indications of aggression. Regrettably, my dear son Julián Figueroa departed from this earthly realm prior to us. I regret having to convey this information.’

“I still don’t have the strength to do it, but I would like to communicate with everyone who is trying, I beg for understanding of the deep pain we are going through.”

Telemundo sends its deepest condolences to Maribel Guardia.

This was her message: Imelda Garza, the wife of the model, expressed the pain she is living after the death of her father.

Julian Figueroa is the youngest son of Maribel Guardia and Sebastian Joan. He was born on May 2, 1995 in Mexico City.

Since then, the little one grew up surrounded by the artistic environment, his parents separated, but they maintained a very cordial relationship when he was only 1 year old.

From a young age, he started to train in the music field, studying vocalization and guitar performance.

At the age of 15, he composed his first song titled Se Supone.

Pero fue hasta 2016 cuando debutó profesionalmente en el Webster Hall de Nueva York. En ese mismo año lanzó su primer disco.

That same year, he performed alongside his mother, Maribel Guardia, who was extremely proud of her son.

In his life, lawyer Marco Chacón served as a paternal figure, having a close and affectionate relationship with his mother’s husband, Julián.

In 2017, he had his inaugural performance in the Mexican series Como Dice el Dicho.

En 2021 juntó su talento al de su madre para rendirle homenaje a la Virgen de Guadalupe durante el especial de Telemundo.

I would be, the last one that was seen was released in 2022 with the name of, Acústicos desde Casa, called, in collaboration with his mom, an acoustic album recorded, the third one, Ay Amor, titled, the second one, Volaré, the first one was, Julián recorded five albums of ranchera music.

Julian inherited his father’s love for music and his love for horses, which he practiced from a very young age, and delighted in presenting them to the public through his skill and passion for bull riding.

The young interpreter shared the stage with Joan Sebastian, Maribel Guardia, and his brother José Manuel Figueroa.

He additionally had significant live collaborations with performers like Vicente Fernández, Ana Bárbara, and Diego Verdaguer.

In 2017, he married Imelda Garza-Tuñon, with whom he had his son José Julián on May 2, 2017, making Julián Figueroa a father.

They appeared to celebrate their little one’s first year, however, in their first year of marriage, they stayed away from the limelight.

Since then, the young woman, also known as a model, shared some pictures with her husband, showing him her love.

He has also shared pictures with his mother-in-law, demonstrating the beautiful relationship he maintains with Maribel Guardia.

The couple, Marco Chacón and Maribel Guardia, who lived together in the singer’s property in Pedregal del Jardines, used to spend special moments with their family.

Julian’s son will be turning 6 years old soon. The singer was an affectionate, involved, and committed dad to his child, frequently engaging in playtime and sharing his love for music with him.

The death of Julián takes his family, friends, and admirers by surprise.

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