Murder suspect Richard Allen admitted 5 times to killing teen girls in recorded jail calls with wife, mom: docs

The man from Indiana, who is behind bars for allegedly killing two teenage girls on a hiking trail in 2017, admitted to the gruesome murders in multiple phone calls to his mother and wife, which were revealed on Wednesday.

Richard Allen purportedly encountered Abigail Williams, who was 13 years old at the time, and Liberty German, who was 14 years old, unaccompanied while hiking near their place of residence in Delphi approximately six years ago. It is said that he informed his spouse, Kathy Allen, and his mother on multiple occasions, specifically “no fewer than 5 times,” that he was accountable for their murders.

Kathy’s husband confessed after abruptly hanging up the phone — he allegedly told reporters last week that the person who called her on April 1st was her murderous husband.

Nicholas McLeland, the prosecutor for Carroll County, wrote on June 13th that Allen made admissions to the Corrections Department of Indiana that the public phones in the jail were available.

McLeland stated, “Richard Allen is the confirmed perpetrator of the murders of Abigail Williams and Liberty German, as evidenced by the transcription of the phone call that investigators had documented.”

Officers escort Richard Matthew Allen out of the Carroll County courthouse following a hearing in 2022.
Officers escort Richard Matthew Allen out of the Carroll County courthouse following a hearing in 2022.
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Richard Allen
Indiana prosecutors and defense attorneys last week said Delphi murders suspect Richard Allen made “incriminating statements” against himself while incarcerated, now revealed in prison calls with his wife and mother.
Indiana State Police

“He confesses multiple times during the phone conversation that he committed the crimes as accused.”

In this instance, approximately 120 documents were made public together with the request detailing the admissions following the disclosure made by Allen County Judge Fran Gull, who took over the case after the initial judge disqualified himself, disclosed the information on Wednesday.

Allen’s legal representatives acknowledged last week that he was apprehended in October 2022 for two instances of homicide and that he had given self-incriminating statements concerning his involvement in the crime. However, they contended that these admissions were a consequence of his deteriorating mental condition and the mistreatment he endured while in the correctional facility.

Libby German (left) and Abby Williams (right) pictured together.
Libby German (left) and Abby Williams (right) are pictured together.

There is a time when family visits him, but he is taunted and called “kid killer” by Allen, an inmate who alleges that Allen himself kills. Allen constantly threatens guards and other inmates, and testimony from other inmates, as well as documents that have been unsealed, include claims of Allen threatening to kill himself and suggesting that Allen has killed.

Found in a rough, densely forested region close to the path where they had vanished the previous day, the records also disclose, for the first time, that detectives suspect a blade was employed to murder German and Williams, whose remains were discovered.

According to the court documents, the autopsies concluded that the girls’ deaths were classified as homicides and their injuries were caused by a sharp implement.

Authorities never confirmed how Williams and German were killed, but an unsealed affidavit stated that police found unspent rounds near their bodies, matching Allen’s guns.

Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter
Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter announced the arrest of Richard Allen during a news conference in Delphi, Ind.

Investigators also found some other items missing, such as a pair of underwear and a sock, from the girls’ belongings.

Allen, who had admitted to investigators in 2017 that he had been on the same trail as Williams and the German missing person on the same day, was the first to talk but did not plead guilty.

Kathy and Allen, members of the community, regularly discussed the tragic murders of the teenagers. However, he didn’t take it seriously until 2022.

He had no criminal history at the time of his apprehension, although he was engaged in a “domestic occurrence” in 2015.