As stated in a forthcoming book by Ian O’Connor, Duke officials expressed interest in recruiting former Blue Devils player Tommy Amaker as a successor to Mike Krzyzewski upon his retirement this year. However, Amaker preferred that the current associate head coach, Jon Scheyer, be given the opportunity.

On June 2, 2021, the Duke men’s basketball coach, who is retiring after 42 seasons and five NCAA national championships, documented the legendary career of the book “Coach K: The Rise and Reign of Mike Krzyzewski,” coinciding with the day Scheyer was appointed as his successor.

Following the 2018 season, Scheyer was elevated to the position of associate head coach after serving as an assistant coach at Duke since 2013. Harvard, on the other hand, assumed the role of head coach at Michigan and later transitioned to coaching at Seton Hall in 1997 at the age of 31, having previously been an assistant coach at Duke for nine seasons. Scheyer had the opportunity to play under Krzyzewski from 2006 to 2010, while Amaker had the privilege of being coached by Krzyzewski from 1982 to 1987.

Coach K book Courtesy of Mariner Books

Amaker desired to secure the position, while Price wished for university president Vincent to take over from Coach K. It became evident during the quest that O’Connor, King) conducted a search to find a replacement for Coach K. Three additional individuals (including incoming athletic director Nina Jackson, and deputy director of athletics Jon administrators, including Duke job. He said that he would like him to make the decision, Scheyer told his assistant coaches the day following the conversation about the possibility of Scheyer replacing Krzyzewski, as stated in O’Connor’s book.

According to the book, if Scheyer were to return, it would result in an “uncomfortable situation”. Amaker was informed by Krzyzewski that if he were to come back, he would have to serve as an assistant for a year, displacing another assistant from the bench. In what the book portrays as a “challenging discussion”, Krzyzewski contacted Amaker, his former assistant who had been away from Duke for 25 years. Eventually, sources informed O’Connor.

O’Connor writes that he was “heartbroken” to hear that Scheyer was not chosen as the successor for the job, someone close to him. Amaker eventually decided not to take the job. According to one source at Duke, he needs to be the successor when the time comes, just like Don Corleone in the “book,” Mike had to explain why Tommy couldn’t be the guy.

Krzyzewski and Amaker did not provide any comments to O’Connor for the book.

Other noteworthy coverage in the book includes:.

The turbulent relationship between Coach K and former Army and Indiana coach Bob Knight, who served as a mentor, ultimately came to an end during a West Point reunion in Pinehurst, North Carolina in 2015.

K frequently berated Quin more than any other coach or player combined, and whenever he did so, it seemed deeply personal. The book cites a Duke player who stated, “I observed a palpable strain between them. I believe I detected envy emanating from K towards Quin.” The book also delves into Krzyzewski’s connection with his former assistant and current Utah Jazz coach, Quin Snyder.

Reporting on how Tim O’Toole and Snyder’s approach to recruiting in the mid-1990s helped persuade Krzyzewski to come to Duke, they didn’t attempt to sign players from traditional backgrounds.

The NCAA is examining allegations from the past regarding Duke’s favorable treatment, which gives the governing body of coaches and schools a competitive advantage. The examination specifically focuses on issues related to eligibility and infractions rules.

The investigation into allegations that members of Zion Williamson’s family had improperly received benefits and gifts was cleared by the player. However, the school official stated that they cannot be confident as they do not have the power to subpoena. The book cites a source saying that the school reviewed Zion Williamson’s family’s bank records before he enrolled. A closer look at Duke’s financial records for top recruits ensures that there are no inconsistent transactions with his family’s financial and employment status.

The book is scheduled to be published on February 22nd.