Nevada governor declares state of emergency after fuel pipeline leak

Governor Joe Lombardo declared a state of emergency on Friday night after a leak was detected in the fuel pipeline supplying Las Vegas.

In the Watson neighborhood of Long Beach, California, a leak from an above-ground pipeline was detected at a pumping station, resulting in the release of approximately 205 gallons of gasoline.

As per the official website of the company, the pipeline provides gasoline, diesel, and aviation fuel to various places in California and Nevada, including Las Vegas. The energy company, Kinder Morgan, has temporarily closed its 566-mile CalNev pipeline to conduct an investigation into a potential leak, as stated in their official statement.

Lombardo stated, ‘While waiting for updates on the repair timeline, I highly encourage all residents of Las Vegas to refrain from panic purchasing to prevent any unnecessary shortages.’

Clark County also announced a fuel crisis on Friday evening.

“The leak in Nevada Southern county, which normally comes into the fuel supply method, has not affected the fuel supply but rather this statement should be read.”

The Nevada Department of Agriculture requested Lombardo’s declaration for any essential fuel exemptions to broaden the range of fuel choices available from the Environmental Protection Agency.

As per the statement, it will lapse in 15 days unless it is extended.

Quite a line due to the gasoline panic at Sam’s club at arroyo crossing here in Las Vegas @LasVegasLocally

— Emperor Batsteg (@batsteg) February 11, 2023

Katherine Hill, corporate communications manager at Morgan’s Kinder, stated that there has been no effect on the fuel deliveries to Harry Reid International Airport due to a leak, and both diesel and unleaded fuel deliveries have been impacted. However, the only pipeline that has been affected is the one that delivers fuel to the airport.

According to a report submitted by the company on Thursday, Kinder Morgan successfully contained the spill, and there were no reported injuries resulting from the incident.

The statement conveyed, “We are collaborating closely with our clients regarding potential consequences.” The investigation into the origin and extent of the incident will be carried out, and the relevant regulatory authorities have been informed.

As per the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Las Vegas also acquires gasoline from refineries in Salt Lake City, which is not the sole provider of fuel for Kinder Morgan.

Clark County spokesman Erik Pappa stated that there is no expectation of a sudden effect on gas accessibility, as the county is confident in its sufficient fuel reserves.

It is too soon to determine the effect on Las Vegas.

John Treanor, spokesperson for AAA Nevada, stated that it is too premature to determine the exact impact of the leak and pipeline closure on fuel accessibility and prices in the Las Vegas Valley.

Treanor mentioned that the winter season typically results in reduced fuel consumption, but the issue ultimately revolves around the availability of supply.

Treanor stated, “Because we do not yet know what it is and how it could potentially affect us, we are not aware of the other factors surrounding the service disruption in Southern California.”

Native motorists gather at stations.

Many residents of Las Vegas Valley flocked to gas stations after hearing about the pipeline, as gas prices increased before their cars could be refilled.

On Friday evening, at the gas station in the center of Las Vegas, near the Southwest Market Square and Arroyo Shopping Club, there was an extended line of people wrapped around the building waiting for gas. This was happening at Sam’s Club and Costco, located on Martin Luther King Boulevard.

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, he mentioned that he is accustomed to seeing overcrowded petrol stations. Despite being aware of the lengthy queue due to the recent news, Tyler Stewart’s decision to refuel was not solely influenced by the pipeline shutdown.

“Stewart mentioned that, in any case, a few months ago, when COVID affected the entire country, gasoline prices began to decline and increase sporadically, resembling a similar situation.”

She said she wished she had known about the pipeline leak earlier so she could have avoided the crowd. She went to fill up after her daughter-in-law, Noelle Daniel, told her about the shutdown.

Daniel stated that the rising fuel costs and the elevated living expenses are causing her to contemplate going back to her birthplace in Detroit.

When I first came out here to Las Vegas 26 years ago, I never would have guessed it would end like this.