New Jersey councilmember shot and killed outside her home

Authorities stated that a councilmember from a borough in New Jersey was discovered fatally shot in an SUV outside her residence.

Eunice Dwumfour, 30, was discovered at the location around 7.20pm on Wednesday, as reported by the Middlesex county prosecutor’s office. She was declared deceased at the site and had sustained multiple gunshot wounds.

In 2021, Dwumfour, a Republican, unseated a Democratic predecessor when she was chosen for her initial three-year tenure. Colleagues recalled her as a mild-mannered devoted Christian who could uphold her composure in disputatious circumstances.

Karen Bailey Bebert, the chairwoman of the local GOP who also worked as her campaign manager, expressed, “We are eagerly anticipating.” “To experience this in such a devastating manner, our hearts are shattered, and everyone is seeking an explanation,” she was a woman of 30 years old.

Authorities have not made any arrests. They believe the motive for the killing could be random, political, or personal, whether or not they have made any arrests.

Dwumfour, who was employed as an EMT, balanced her part-time job with pursuing a women’s studies degree at William Paterson University. In a campaign interview in 2021, she proudly referred to herself as a graduate of Newark public schools.

After graduating from Sayreville, she said she moved to Parlin, a section of Sayreville, where her interest in community work and public safety fueled her desire to serve as a liaison to the police department, investigating and helping the council.

“She simply desired to create a more improved community for all our offspring,” expressed Bebert.

Bebert mentioned that Dwumfour, who had a child of school age, declared during a council meeting in autumn that she had recently tied the knot. She mentioned her involvement in her Newark church.

As stated on her LinkedIn profile, Dwumfour was employed in the field of information technology, where she recently expressed her interest in exploring new prospects. Additionally, her curriculum vitae indicated that she dedicated six years to serving a religious nonprofit organization.

Chyann Brown, the nextdoor neighbor, said she arrived home on Wednesday evening, describing Dwumfour as respectful and kind, even though she had no idea that shots had been fired. She mentioned that it felt like the police were flying in the air that evening.

Regarding Dwumfour’s automobile, she remarked, “I observed that the vehicle was still moving along the road… Upon my arrival to park my own car, I noticed the presence of ammunition casings scattered all around.”

She said, “I can’t believe she would be involved in such a tragic incident.” She added, “She’s always well-dressed. She’s a very pleasant woman.” She didn’t realize that she was involved in local politics, but she had spoken with Dwumfour several times over the past year, Brown said.

During a handful of council meetings, John Wisniewski, a previous Democratic state assembly representative from Sayreville, had conversed with her. Numerous influential state officials, including the Democratic governor, Phil Murphy, released statements conveying their sorrow regarding her demise.

“Most of the time, her remarks were centered around God, divine providence. She was a woman of strong belief,” Wisniewski expressed.

Bebert described Dwumfour as an outgoing person who “always had that beautiful smile on her face that you see in her picture”.

Another car apparently sustained a lot of damage when it struck Dwumfour’s car in the parking lot on Thursday. The scene was in the south of Manhattan, approximately 30 miles away. Sayreville is a borough with approximately 45,000 people.

Bebert, describing Sayreville as a tranquil neighborhood, portrayed Dwumfour’s life as tragically abbreviated by a despicable criminal deed. She aspires to arrange a commemorative gathering to honor Dwumfour’s memory.

“She was incredibly young,” she remarked. “It’s simply spreading across the town.”