New Year’s Babies: Over 395,000 children will be born worldwide on New Year’s Day – UNICEF

UNICEF announced today that approximately 395,072 infants are expected to be delivered globally on New Year’s Day. Specifically, in South Asia, one-fourth of these newborns will come into existence.

In 317, New York will finally welcome the New Year, followed by Madrid in 166, Beijing in 605, Tokyo in 310, and Sydney in 168. As the clock strikes midnight, residents in these cities will not only greet the New Year but also celebrate with great festivities. The revelers from around the world will be welcomed in the tiniest and newest cities as well.

Around half of the estimated global births occur in eight countries. The first baby of 2019 will probably be born in Fiji, which is located in the Pacific Ocean.

  • India – 69,944.
  • China – 44,940.
  • Nigeria – 25,685.
  • Pakistan — 15,112.
  • Indonesia — 13,256.
  • The USA — 11,086.
  • The Republic of Congo — 10,053.
  • Bangladesh – 8,428.
  • On January 1st, families around the world will warmly welcome countless babies in several countries, who will be named Zainabs, Zhengs, Ayeshas, and Alexanders.

    Among those children who died in their first month of life, approximately 2.5 million were born on the day they died, succumbing to preventable causes such as pneumonia, sepsis, and complications during delivery, including premature birth. Approximately 1 million babies died from such causes.

    UNICEF Deputy Executive Director, Charlotte Petri Gornitzka expressed, “Commencing with the entitlement to endure, let us collectively pledge to satisfy each entitlement of every child, on this New Year’s Day.” “By allocating resources towards educating and providing necessary tools for local healthcare professionals, ensuring that each newborn is delivered into capable hands, we have the potential to rescue countless infants.”

    UNICEF will be commemorating the thirtieth anniversary of the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, among other things, by organizing events worldwide to celebrate the good provision of health care quality for every child.

    In the first month, the death toll for newborn babies has shown slower progress, with less than five children dying per 47 out of every 100. Over the past three decades, the world has witnessed remarkable progress in child survival, reducing the number of children who die before their fifth birthday worldwide.

    UNICEF’s Alive Child campaign calls for immediate investment to deliver affordable, high-quality healthcare solutions for every newborn and mother. These include an adequate supply of medicines and supplies to treat and prevent complications during pregnancy, childbirth, and delivery, as well as the presence of skilled healthcare providers to attend to the health needs of empowered adolescent girls and women who demand better quality health services. Additionally, these facilities should have a steady supply of clean water and electricity.

    Editor’s remarks.

    For comprehensive and unbiased estimations regarding births and life expectancy in 190 nations, please click here. Additionally, you can find the top ten most popular baby names in 20 countries along with the corresponding number of births across 26 cities. The data provided is a result of the collaboration between UNICEF and the World Data Lab.