North Korea warns it may shoot down US Air Force planes intruding into its airspace

North Korea may start shooting down American military aircraft accusing them of illegally intruding into its airspace multiple times, warns the U.S. Air Force after spy planes.

In the latter part of June, U.S. Forces Korea announced that it carried out collaborative airborne exercises with South Korea, and the warning published in North Korean state media was credited to a representative of the nation’s Ministry of National Defense.

The statement posted by the Korean Central News Agency stated that the U.S. Air Force conducted provocative aerial intelligence operations over the strategic areas within the DPRK. These operations involved the use of reconnaissance drones, as well as strategic reconnaissance planes such as the RC-135, U-2S, and RQ-4B. These activities took place consecutively for eight days, from July 2nd to July 9th, and covered both the East and West seas of Korea.

Without providing further details, it stated that the U.S. Air Force’s strategic reconnaissance aircraft illegally entered the inviolable airspace of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea multiple times, specifically over the East Sea, spanning several tens of kilometers.

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The representative stated that North Korea is currently “exercising great patience and self-restraint, but all things have their boundaries.”

According to reports, he allegedly remarked, “There is no guarantee that a shocking accident, such as the downing of a US strategic reconnaissance plane, will not occur in the East Sea of Korea.”

The exclusive economic zone, which encompasses a distance of 200 nautical miles from its territory and grants it control over the exploitation of natural resources, faced subsequent allegations from Kim Yo Jong, the sister of Kim Jong Un, regarding the deployment of surveillance aircraft above the North’s region.

The United States was given an unspecified “powerful caution” from North Korea following the U.S. Aircraft crossed the eastern sea boundary once more at approximately 8:50 a.M. Kim stated that North Korean warplanes drove away the U.S. Surveillance plane that carried out surveillance operations over the North’s exclusive economic zone before crossing the eastern sea boundary between the Koreas at around 5 a.M. On Monday. She made this statement.

According to The Associated Press, she stated, “In the economic airspace above the heavens, U.S. Surveillance aircraft regularly encroach upon the 20-40 kilometer stretch where a surprising event would ultimately take place.”

U.S. Forces Korea did not immediately respond on Monday to a request by Fox News Digital for its response. However, Reuters did state that the North’s allegations of airspace breaches are false, and that the U.S., A crucial partner, frequently carries out surveillance flights in the area, as reported by South Korea’s military.

In response to Kim’s comment, a spokesperson acting on behalf of the U.S. Military said that the U.S. Has been escalating its reconnaissance activities in serious violation of the safety and sovereignty of North Korea.

The United States flies nuclear-capable bombers to the Korean Peninsula as North Korea seeks to expand its nuclear arsenal.

U.S. Forces Korea announced on June 30 that a joint aerial training exercise involving the Republic of Korea Air Force and the United States Air Force took place over the Korean Peninsula, utilizing U.S. Air Force B-52H Stratofortresses.

The combined training flight consisted of U.S. And ROK Air Force conducting an aerial training event, where they entered the Zone Identification Defense Air Korean and escorted the U.S. Strategic bombers B-52, along with F-15’s, F-16’s, and F-35’s.

U.S. Forces Korea added that the training showcased the protection of the Korean Peninsula, extended deterrence, and rapid deployment. This presented the alliance with a chance to enhance its ability to work together effectively.