Nude Photos of Harvey Weinstein Were Shown to Jurors

On Tuesday, prosecutors presented five photos during Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault and rape trial, which depicted full-frontal nudity in a courtroom sketches, revealing the disgraced movie producer.

Positioned on the right-hand section of the courtroom, a pair of illustrators were capable of observing and sketching numerous of these depictions as the jurors exchanged them. Despite the fact that the photographs were exhibited to the jurors, they were not displayed to the general audience.

The possibility that such photos would be presented in the trial was discussed on January 6. Prosecutor Joan Illuzzi mentioned, “There are additional concerns regarding particular exhibits in this matter,” and “the defense is particularly cautious about certain exhibits.”

Illuzzi stated, “It is not the practice of the District Attorney’s Office to humiliate a defendant.” We are going to ask them to admit the seven photographs and 72 were taken. She explained that prosecutors were taking steps to minimize any undue prejudice towards Weinstein. “We believe the photographs are very, very important for the jury to see,” she said.

Illuzzi was able to bring the photographs up during today’s testimony by calling a District Attorney’s Office photographer to the witness stand.

“Did you capture images of Harvey Weinstein on June 18, 2018?” Illuzzi inquired.

“Certainly,” replied Yakov Mantelman, the photographer.

“Did you witness Harvey Weinstein in the courtroom today?”


“Did you get a chance to examine those pictures?”


“Do they justly and precisely portray the defendant’s appearance on June 18, 2018?”

Mantelman once again responded affirmatively.

Illuzzi then requested that the photographs be accepted as evidence and presented to the jury.

Weinstein’s defense team raised an objection to the jury witnessing their presence.

Jurors were granted exclusive permission by Justice James Burke to view the photos, with instructions to carefully examine each photo and pass it along their respective row. The photos will not be included in the public record. It is common for judges to restrict the public’s access to sensitive evidence, like crime-scene photos depicting the victims of a murder.

One male juror’s eyes widened, raising his eyebrows slightly. Two women seemed to flinch.

After the jurors reviewed the pictures, Justice Burke asked defense attorney Damon Cheronis, who represents Weinstein, if he had any questions for the witness during cross-examination.

“Nothing,” Cheronis stated.

Outside of the courtroom, a journalist questioned Weinstein about whether these were explicit photographs of him.

“No, he stated that it was Playboy.”

Mann had testified on Friday that Weinstein’s private parts seemed to be deformed.

“I believed he had physical abnormalities and was intersex,” she stated on that particular day, “When I saw him completely unclothed for the first time. Perhaps [he] had suffered from burns; he bears extensive scars that I was unaware of.”

“He lacks testicles, and it seems that he has a vagina,” she asserted.

The photographs were showcased today following Jessica Mann’s testimony on cross-examination, where she accused Weinstein of sexually assaulting her in 2013.

Donna Rotunno, attorney for Weinstein, attempted to weaken Mann’s claims of sexual activity without consent by highlighting multiple instances of amicable communication between her and Weinstein for a duration of around ten hours spread across three days.

“I have deep affection for you, always have, but I despise the sensation of being treated as a casual sexual partner,” Mann expressed in a written message from 2017 that Rotunno mentioned during the current discussion.

Rotunno also inquired of Mann today about the most recent occasion she had engaged in a sexual encounter with Weinstein.

Mann expressed, “I comprehended sorrow” as I desired to converse with him during the time his mother passed away, the final intimate circumstance I recall involving him. Mann had formerly given evidence that her father had passed away.

According to Mann’s recollection, when I arrived, he was undressed on the bed and his only intention was to engage in a sexual activity. From what I observed in the mirror, it appeared that he engaged in self-stimulation, and he proceeded to place his genitals in my mouth.

“It repulsed me and brought back a lot of unpleasant recollections,” she included.

(As per the New York Times, Weinstein’s mother passed away in November 2016.)

Rotunno inquired as to why she sought his assistance in acquiring a membership at Soho House. Mann resisted the inquiry regarding her interactions with Weinstein at a particular moment.

Rotunno inquired, “The individual who sexually assaulted you was the individual you desired to endorse you for membership to the prestigious club?,” The members of this jury wish to have faith in.

She expressed, “It is insignificant. He sexually assaulted me. I mean, I desire to further elucidate the nature of why I interacted with him. I genuinely want the jury to understand that he is the one who committed the act of rape against me.”

“In fact, it is pertinent,” Rotunno fired back.

“He sexually assaulted me; that is a fact,” Mann stated.

Reportedly sexually assaulting Mann approximately seven years ago, Weinstein is now facing charges in New York City. In addition to the alleged sexual assault on former Project Runway production assistant Mimi Haleyi, he is also facing charges. By utilizing the testimony of Sopranos actress Annabella Sciorra, who claims that Weinstein raped her in the early 1993, the District Attorney’s Office is building a case against him as a repeat offender in sexual crimes.

Update, February 24: The announcement of Harvey Weinstein’s verdict has been made.