Nurse, Social Worker Identified, Details of Fatal Shooting at Methodist Hospital Released

Two Hospital Employees Fatally Shot at Methodist Hospital: Details Released

Identification of Victims

The authorities have identified the two hospital employees who were tragically killed in a shooting incident at Methodist Dallas Medical Center on Saturday morning. The victims have been named as Jacqueline Pokuaa, 45, and Katie Flowers, 63. The police released this information on Monday as part of an update on the ongoing investigation into the double fatal shooting.

Updates on the Investigation

Dallas Chief of Police Eddie Garcia, along with Methodist Health System Chief of Police Glen Fowler, provided an update on the investigation during a press conference. According to Garcia, the shooting took place on the hospital’s mother and baby floor when a man visiting a patient started shooting people.

Sequence of Events

Garcia explained that the shooter, identified as 30-year-old Nestor Hernandez, arrived at the hospital at 10:21 a.m. to visit a patient. During the visit, Hernandez pulled out a gun from his pants and struck the patient multiple times in the head. The motive behind the attack is unknown at this time.

After assaulting the patient, Hernandez targeted Jacqueline Pokuaa, who entered the room to provide routine services. As Pokuaa was working on the patient, Hernandez got up, walked over to her, and shot her once. The sound of the gunshot alerted Methodist Health Sgt. Robert Rangel, who was investigating a stolen property call a few doors down. Another hospital employee, Katie Flowers, also heard the gunfire.

Flowers looked into the room and was shot by Hernandez as she stood in the hallway. Tragically, both Pokuaa and Flowers later succumbed to their injuries.

Heroic Actions of Sgt. Robert Rangel

Sgt. Rangel witnessed the second shooting and quickly took cover while calling for backup. He showed incredible bravery and engaged with the shooter. Rangel confronted Hernandez, who had reloaded his gun and was attempting to leave the patient’s room. During the confrontation, Rangel shot Hernandez in the leg, preventing him from causing further harm.

Hernandez retreated back into the room, where he barricaded himself. Rangel continued to communicate with both the suspect and the patient inside the room, maintaining a rapport and ensuring their safety. Eventually, Hernandez surrendered and was taken into custody with the assistance of Dallas Police Officers.

Garcia commended Sgt. Rangel for his heroic actions, stating, “There is no doubt that his actions that day saved lives by stopping the suspect from leaving the room. Sgt. Rangel remained engaged, created a rapport with the suspect, constantly communicating with the suspect and the patient inside the room throughout the barricade situation.”

Suspect’s Criminal History

Nestor Hernandez, the shooter, has a criminal history. He had previously been in prison and was out on parole at the time of the shooting. Hernandez was wearing an ankle monitor but had received permission to be at the hospital with his partner during the birth of their child.

Chief Eddie Garcia expressed concern over the criminal justice system’s handling of Hernandez’s case. He stated, “As I’ve stated publicly before … in my opinion, this is a failure of the criminal justice system. A violent individual such as this should not have been on an ankle monitor and should have remained in custody.”

Garcia provided details about Hernandez’s criminal history, stating that he had been sentenced to eight years in prison for aggravated assault. After serving just six years, he was released in October 2021. Hernandez was arrested again in March 2022 for a parole violation and was released in September 2022 with an ankle monitor.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice confirmed Hernandez’s criminal history and release from prison. They are working with the Dallas Police Department’s Office of Inspector General as they investigate the incident.

Increased Security Measures

In response to the shooting, Methodist Health Systems has announced that they will be increasing security measures at the Dallas hospital campus, including the mother/baby unit. The hospital has recently installed new cameras and strengthened security barriers. Additionally, staff members have undergone active shooter training to ensure the safety of patients and employees.

The hospital emphasized that safety is of paramount concern and is continuously evaluated. While security measures are being evaluated, the hospital is also focused on supporting the families of the victims during this difficult time.

Video Footage Reveals Terrifying Moments

Video footage released after the shooting shows the terrifying moments as Nestor Hernandez started firing inside the hospital. Staff and visitors can be seen hiding as the police closed in on the gunman.

Amanda Birdwell, who was present at the hospital during the shooting, described the initial disbelief and subsequent fear. She stated, “It all kind of hit us that, ‘Oh this is, like, serious. Like, this is actually happening right now.’ So we all went back there, everyone was crying.”

The release of the video footage has provided a clearer understanding of the chaos and fear experienced by those present during the shooting.


The shooting at Methodist Dallas Medical Center has left the community in shock and mourning the loss of two dedicated healthcare workers, Jacqueline Pokuaa and Katie Flowers. The investigation into the incident continues, with Methodist Health Systems taking over both the homicide investigation and the investigation into the officer-involved shooting.

The tragic event has raised concerns about the criminal justice system’s handling of violent individuals and the need for improved security measures in healthcare facilities. As the hospital increases security measures, the focus remains on supporting the families of the victims and ensuring the safety of patients and staff.