Odell Beckham Jr. says he feels like a rookie while preparing for first game since Super Bowl 56

On Wednesday, Beckham, who is 30 years old, expressed, “This feels like my first game, I feel excitement as far as.” “It feels like a complete reset for me.” “There have been a lot of moments that remind me of little things that happened before.” “It just feels like my rookie year, a lot of moments that remind me of little things that happened before.” “Just the feeling of excitement to play football.” “A new life, a new opportunity.”

He was very close to reaching the pinnacle of his football career when he caught a touchdown pass in the Rams’ game. He hasn’t played in the Super Bowl since two seasons ago. Beckham’s return is set for Sunday when the Ravens host Houston in Baltimore.

Although he didn’t sustain a significant knee injury, he essentially compelled him to exit the game prior to halftime after being absent from the sport for some time.

“I know I’ll be excited to play football again, but I don’t know what emotions running through me will be,” Beckham said. “It’s been a long time in reality, and it’s been a long time in my mind.”

Coach John Harbaugh stated that there has not been any conversation about restricting Beckham’s playing time against the Texans.

On Wednesday, the Ravens’ practice was limited due to a quad injury, but they have relied heavily on tight end Mark Andrews in their passing game in recent times.

In the first week, the Ravens might get an opportunity to demonstrate it right away if Baltimore’s group of wide receivers experiences a substantial improvement this year. The most skilled member of that group is undoubtedly Beckham.

In 2015 and 2016, Beckham received recognition as a second-team All-Pro, impressing fans throughout with remarkable catches, and achieved over 1,000 yards in receiving in five out of his first six NFL seasons with both the New York Giants and Cleveland Browns.

In the game titled NFC in San Francisco, he caught nine passes for a total of 113 yards, making it his first game with 100 receiving yards. After signing with the Rams in November, he was released by Cleveland in the middle of the 2021 season. His 2020 season ended with a knee injury after playing seven games.

The Rams managed to secure a victory in his absence. However, following a noncontact injury to his left knee, he departed. In the Super Bowl, Beckham initiated the scoring with a 17-yard touchdown reception.

So far, it appears that his health is being maintained. He was caught up in the desperate offseason for the Baltimore Ravens, where he was looking for help from a wide receiver. Additionally, Beckham missed the entire previous season.

Harbaugh said, “I just talked to him about coming off the field.” Harbaugh said, “He’s very aware of how much he’s putting himself into getting back to this point, how excited he is, how important it is, and how long he hasn’t played in.”

In the last season, it was obvious that Lamar Jackson, the star quarterback for the Ravens, was kept off the field due to a knee injury. To help him, Todd Monken, the offensive coordinator, made changes by bringing in Zay Flowers, a wide receiver drafted in the first round, and signing Beckham.

Now Jackson and Beckham have their initial opportunity to showcase this fresh collaboration.

Jackson said, “I know he’s passionate about the game.” “He can’t just wait to show people what he’s still able to do in the world.”