On the Blogroll: Dad and Buried

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Dad and Buried
Dad and Buried dad blogger Mike Julianelle enjoys a drink while tending to his son, “Detective Munch.”

Writing from: Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Yeah, he’s a father, but he’s not going to allow that to destroy his life.

Julianelle says that parenthood changes who he is, not letting him be who he used to be. His activities now revolve more around his kid, and he can’t go out and drink anytime he wants. Taking on the responsibility of caring for a tiny human requires necessary changes in priorities and lifestyle. Julianelle openly declares on his blog, Dad and Buried, that parenthood can sometimes be a drag. Mike Julianelle, the blogger dad and Brooklynite, loves his son.

“I don’t perceive the necessity to reside in the child bubble,” Julianelle expresses.

Julianelle, who refers to himself as an anti-parent, uses his blog Buried and Dad to vent his frustrations about parenthood and the judgmental attitudes of “parental experts” and other parents. He admits that it can be hard for kids to understand his sarcastic and cynical humor, but believes that it is helpful for other parents to see that it’s okay to be nervous and that encountering frustrating situations is a normal part of parenting.

Julianelle states, “I behave rudely when individuals claim I am not excessively agitated. “It’s acceptable,” I am fulfilling my responsibilities as long as my spouse and child believe so.

Every day when I’m off work, my child babysits the television, known as the “Boob Tube.” On May 31, I confessed that I am raising a 2-year-old potato on an old couch. There is a section on his popular blog where parents can share their secrets anonymously called “Secrets Buried.”

The platform is otherwise accessible, while overseeing any messages that could be risky. Julianelle aims for it to be an accepting space for parents to vent their feelings.

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Julianelle expresses, “My main desire is for people to laugh.” However, this does not imply that individuals cannot perceive it as humorous; he must maintain honesty. According to him, having a family is not solely filled with positive experiences. Above all, Julianelle desires for his audience to find the blog entertaining.