VN-Index plunged at the end of the session, the matching liquidity on HoSE was over 20,000 billion dong Session 16/6, VN-Index dropped 1.75 points, or 0.16%, down 1,115.22 points. Banking stocks were clearly divided as VCB increased by 1.45%, STB increased by 4.32%, SHB increased by 1.2% but CTG decreasedContinue Reading

REE’s subsidiary continuously sold PPC shares of Pha Lai Thermal Power REE Energy Co., Ltd. has just sold 1,301,000 PPC shares out of the total registered 3,200,000 shares, equivalent to a successful selling rate of 40.7% of the total registered volume. The transaction was made from May 11 to June 8.Continue Reading

SSC Chairman: ‘Persevering in restructuring the stock market based on 4 pillars’ Chairman of the State Securities Commission (SSC) Vu Thi Chan Phuong recently attended and spoke at the Asia-Pacific Subcommittee meeting, within the framework of the 48th Annual Meeting of IOSCO – International Organization of Securities Commissions. At theContinue Reading

Many non-life insurers on the stock exchange recorded good business results in the first quarter of 2023 in both insurance business and financial activities. Investment activities flourished at the same time In general, the first quarter business results of the insurance companies listed on the stock exchange were positive withContinue Reading