Pardison Fontaine Performs The Sweetest Poem For Megan Thee Stallion Amid Breakup Rumors

In Los Angeles, not long ago, Pardison Fontaine (whose real name is Jorden Thorpe), a rapper and songwriter, delivered a poetic performance at Da Poetry Lounge, which has led social media users to believe that the piece is about Megan Thee Stallion, a popular artist from Houston. However, it’s important to note that these speculations may be unfounded, as Fontaine recently expressed his emotions through a poem after they stopped following each other on Instagram, implying that they have ended their relationship. Speculations and gossip have been circulating.

In the Instagram caption, the artist wrote, “Before poetry was ever done,” under a video of him performing the poem. He also expressed gratitude to @dapoetrylounge_co for allowing him to share it and described the thought as fitting.

“Prior to presenting his performance, he stated, ‘The performance I am about to showcase is centered around another stunning lady whom I am acquainted with.’ The entire audience, comprised mostly of exquisite women,…”

“You should buy into the rhythm, as they are treating you like outsiders. Make sure to keep your mind focused and work hard to get ahead. Don’t let these setbacks discourage you, that’s why you need to forgive yourself and find a balance between being a victim and a survivor. You’re somewhere in between, and God is with you.”

Retrieve your list of tasks, it entails acquiring candles and searching for curtains, it involves discovering your purpose. You are focused on achieving success, not just possessing expensive Birkin bags. You understand that your happiness cannot be obtained through material purchases alone. It is something profound and goes beyond superficiality. If you contemplate your dreams without feeling any nervousness, then they are not ambitious enough. If you require assistance, my availability to help you is guaranteed,” he added.

The proof that it was still going strong and hadn’t broken up yet, was how romantic and crazy in love Meg seemed to be, and how much she loved him. Users on social media were going crazy about how romantic the poem was, and they were swooning over it in the best way possible.

After experiencing a traumatic event, Elle revealed in her first interview that she took a break from social media to focus on healing and preparing for the end of the trial against Tory Lanez. She mentioned that she had remained silent about the violence inflicted upon her during the trial, but they have typically been open about their love on social media and have been dating since 2020.

In that period, Pardi penned a heartfelt message in solidarity with Meg and women similar to her.

I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.. Praying for their protection.. Praying for their aunt, mother, sister, or daughter to be covered.. In an instant, the defendant can go free from the public’s eyes.. Your entire past will be scrutinized under a magnifying glass.. Your credibility will be questioned.. You will be ridiculed.. When you find the courage to speak up.. I feel for you, especially when any woman of color has suffered an injustice.