Pepper Spray vs. Pepper Gel – Which Self-Defense Product is Best for You?

Pepper Spray vs. Pepper Gel 

The pepper gel is suspended in a sticky substance, instead of being contained in a liquid – it contains the same active ingredient as cayenne peppers, called capsicum oleoresin — but it is a newer formula. It’s not your only option, but it has been a commonly used self-defense product for decades.

Consider key differences that are present here. To help you choose the right product for self-defense, it is important to understand the distinctions between pepper gel and pepper spray.

When firing pepper gel outdoors in windy conditions, the thicker formula of gel pepper offers a more accurate and targeted stream. Due to its thickness, gel pepper sticks together and sprays in a narrower ballistic pattern, allowing it to spray towards your target without spreading out and dispersing as much as when you blow back droplets or spray pepper spray.

Most pepper gels have a range of up to 18 feet, which is greater than the standard 12 feet for pepper spray. Pepper gel, due to its sticky texture, can travel a longer distance compared to the droplets of pepper spray.

The largest difference between gel pepper and spray pepper is that cross-contamination can occur when you deploy indoor spray pepper near nearby bystanders.

The gel Pepper spray has a slight advantage over other sprays in reducing the potential for blowback and cross contamination, as it holds its active ingredients concentrated within its sticky formula, which the attacker can focus their stream towards.

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The majority of gel and spray formulas tend to have a higher strength, ranging from about 10% to 2% OC. The stronger the impact, the formula usually contains OC ranging from about 10% to 2%. Additionally, the strength of the formula can also determine the effects of the product.

Prepare yourself with a personal protection tool that best fits your needs and empowers you, and check out the pepper gel and pepper spray products from the Mace Brand.

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