Personal & Commercial Insurance Agency Humble, TX

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Choosing the right commercial insurance plan or business insurance for your business can be very confusing, as we have developed many different programs and options to meet the needs of our clients in Humble, TX and the surrounding communities.

Commercial Insurance Agency

This type of insurance is designed to effectively protect your business when you need it the most. Commercial property insurance covers the equipment and property of your business.

When it comes to creating a Health Group plan for your company, please let us know if you have any questions. One of the most crucial benefits for employees is group health insurance.

Who We Are

Lee Insurance Agency commenced its operations in the year 1952.

We are part of the Independent Insurance Agents of Texas alongside various other industry associations.

We will find the best company for your specific needs and provide the highest level of protection. We ensure that the companies we represent have a reputation for fast and fair claims assistance, as well as excellent customer service. We represent some of the finest companies in the industry.

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What Kind of Business Insurance Do I Need?

Let Lee’s team guide you to the best insurance coverage for your business. Navigating the complex road of business and commercial insurance can be daunting without the right agency by your side.

Auto Shop Insurance

Auto Shop Insurance

Your car repair shop insurance policy should encompass all facets of your shop, including daily business activities, employee accidents, and legal disputes.

Church Insurance

Church Insurance

We offer personalized coverage that takes into account your Church’s specific needs and create a Church Insurance policy that works for you.

Daycare Insurance Policy

Daycare Insurance

In order to ensure that every step of the way works for you, Lee’s Insurance needs to tailor its policy to meet the specific needs of your daycare.

Contractors Insurance Humble, TX

Contractors Insurance

Contractors insurance is not a single insurance policy. Instead, a contractors policy combines various types of insurance coverages.

Funeral Home Insurance

Funeral Home Insurance

Lee Insurance assists you in achieving the ideal equilibrium of insurance coverage to ensure that your Funeral Home is sufficiently safeguarded.

Bar & Restaurant Insurance Policy

Bar & Restaurant Insurance

We offer inclusive pub insurance and eatery insurance plans at competitive rates, ensuring the safety of your business and employees.