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  • Plumbing Insurance

    Whether you’re a freelance contractor or manage a group of plumbers, safeguard your business with plumbing liability insurance.

    Trusted by more than 250,000 Canadian small business proprietors!

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    Zensurance - Plumber Insurance

    Collaborations with more than 50 prominent Canadian insurance providers.

    Insurance for plumbers

    As one of Canada’s crucial professions, plumbers guarantee the proper functioning of water distribution systems.

    When it comes to plumbing, whether you are a commercial or residential plumber, there is a high level of risk and potential damage to the client’s property, making it a challenging task. However, a lawsuit can be a catalyst for heightened awareness.

    Our mission at Zensurance is to make insurance accessible and easy, as we have written this guide to help you navigate the fundamentals of plumber insurance.

    Errors occur, and you might be held responsible for any unexpected mishaps arising from business-related undertakings.

    The plumbing liability insurance policy safeguards plumbers against common risks they may face while working on a job site, including damage to property and bodily injury to third parties.

    Insurance that covers the legal consequences of an accident that causes damage, loss, or injury to your own equipment and your clients’ property typically includes the following types of coverage: comprehensive coverage specifically tailored for plumbers. The purpose of plumbing insurance is to provide coverage for potential legal issues.

  • General Commercial Liability Insurance, commonly known as CGL Insurance, provides financial protection against bodily injuries, property damage, and third-party lawsuits or claims alleging injuries or damages caused by broken water pipes. If you are aware of the amount of damage that can result from your plumbing services, insurance coverage is crucial to cover the subsequent legal costs and damages.
  • Insurance for Equipment and Tools protects your business against theft, loss, and damage of owned equipment and tools, including high-risk areas or expensive equipment worth over $1500.
  • To determine if your broker has this policy, check with them for any exclusions that may cover liabilities caused by pollution in water systems and waste disposal lines. Liability insurance for plumbers is essential as they work on water and waste disposal systems, which can result in property damage or injury to third parties due to pollution-related accidents. Insurance Liability Pollution is a specialized form of coverage designed to protect against such incidents.
  • You can add optional coverages such as upset or collision coverage to your policies. Additionally, the job site covers the use of trailers to haul equipment from and to the site. The basic or standard commercial auto policy covers any vehicle used to transport equipment, tools, packaged goods, materials, and people. Insurance Auto Commercial is specifically designed to cover vehicles used for business purposes.
  • The cost of the plumber’s insurance policy starts at $540 per year, depending on several factors, including coverage limits of $2M.

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  • Zensurance has partnered with over fifty insurance providers to offer the policy that best suits your business needs at the lowest price.

    Regardless of the type of plumbing services providing business or contractor, any company should protect their business with tailored package insurance for plumbing. Are you cautious regardless of how?

    We have provided insurance coverage for thousands of contractors in this field; a few of our customers include:

  • Master Plumbers.
  • Pipe Fitters.
  • Septic Tank Installation Professionals.
  • Sprinkler Installers.
  • Prior to finalizing a contract, the majority of individuals who own properties and are seeking to employ a plumber will likely desire to inspect an insurance certificate. This document not only aids in obtaining fresh contracts, but also serves as a safeguard against potential monetary setbacks.

    Need your Certificate of Insurance (COI) fast?

    We understand that your time is precious. Receive your complimentary quote, coverage details, and insurance certificate immediately.

    Common claims scenarios

    firefighter at residence

    One of your subcontractors accidentally starts a fire in your client’s home, causing property damage. The fire begins in your client’s kitchen while the subcontractor is soldering copper pipes.

    Result: Your policy for Commercial General Liability Insurance may cover the expenses for legal protection and restoration of the premises.

    work van driving at night

    Issue: While responding to a client’s urgent situation in the late hours, a burglar snatches your equipment from your vehicle.

    Result: Your coverage for Tools and Equipment may provide reimbursement for the expense of replacing your tools that have been stolen.

    plumber installing water heater

    There are several causes of illness that affect members of a family. One such cause is the improper installation of a new water heater, which leads to leaks over time in the client’s home.

    Your Pollution Liability Insurance policy could cover the lawsuit and medical fees resulting from the client’s successful lawsuit for bodily injury and property damages.

    Frequently asked questions

    Yes. Your plumber insurance policy includes comprehensive liability insurance, which covers expenses related to third-party property damage caused by your services.

    To determine the best limit of coverage that suits you, speak to a broker at Zensurance. They can help you increase it to $2 million, but many plumbers choose a general liability coverage limit of $1 million. You have the option to choose deductibles and coverage limits for your plumbing insurance policy.

    Other contractor trades we can provide coverage for:

  • Installation of antennas and satellites.

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  • Keagan was very helpful with building a policy that worked best for my business and budget. He was always quick to respond, even after going back and forth a few times! Bailey Avatar Had a great experience signing up for my business insurance. Thank you Carlos Mosquera for answering all my questions. Stephanie Avatar I recently had the pleasure of working with Zensurance for my Errors and Omissions insurance needs, and I must say, their service was outstanding! From start to finish, my experience was nothing short of exceptional, thanks to the dedicated and efficient agent, Carlos. Carlos demonstrated a level of professionalism and expertise that truly impressed me. He was not only knowledgeable about Errors and Omissions insurance but also took the time to understand my specific business requirements. His friendly demeanor and willingness to listen to my concerns made the entire process smooth and stress-free. What truly stood out was the promptness with which Carlos handled my inquiries and requests. Time was of the essence for me, and I needed my insurance coverage to be in place as quickly as possible. Carlos, without hesitation, ensured that all the necessary paperwork and documentation were processed promptly, allowing me to focus on my business without unnecessary delays. I can wholeheartedly recommend Zensurance to any business owner seeking reliable and efficient insurance solutions. And if you have the opportunity to work with Carlos, consider yourself lucky! His dedication, responsiveness, and genuine concern for his clients’ needs set him apart as a remarkable insurance agent. Thank you, Zensurance, for providing top-notch service, and a special thanks to Carlos for exceeding my expectations. I look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with this excellent company! Ashraf Mirnezami Avatar
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